3 Easy Ways to Start Practicing Self Care

Self care is pretty self explanatory: you’re quite literally just taking care of yourself. This includes simple things such as drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and getting some exercise in every day.  As college students we tend to have extremely busy lives; We sacrifice our sleep for some extra time to study or socialize and this can quickly take a toll on us. I’m sure you’ve seen enough insta stories of people wearing face masks and practicing self care, but here’s how you can start implementing the helpful practice in your day to day life.


Balance is key- Too much of anything is never any good. Find the things that bring you happiness and try to fit them into your weekly schedule alongside your schoolwork. A good tip is to practice self care in the mornings and start off the day right.


Turn off your phone one hour before bed- With technology at our fingertips it’s really easy to stay connected all day long. Giving yourself that one hour can help to clear your mind and get your body ready for bed. Using this time for mindfulness or guided meditation can also help a restless mind get ready for sleep.


Be more present- Life is more than just getting to class on time. Live in the moment and put your phone down. You’ll never be able to experience this day again!