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Fitness Class of the Week: Nike Training Club

Exeter University has teamed up with one of the leading sports brands in the UK. The Nike Training Club meets every week for NTC Live classes. These consist of personal trainer – led workouts, which are based on the Nike Training club program and aim to support women in their workout goals. All fitness levels are welcome.

What to expect?

I attended the 45 minutes Wednesday afternoon class, which were stationary circuits. Every participant completed the exercises simultaneously. The class consisted of multiple exercises on multiple parts of the body at a fast pace; the exercises were continuous with little rest in between.

The aim of the class, which the instructor enthusiastically informed us, was to never stop moving (which we didn’t’!). So whether we were energetically jumping, strenuously lifting or simply jogging on the stop our heart rate was kept high and our muscles were kept moving.

The exercises included; weight lifting, plank, squats and of course the dreaded burpies. The advantage of this class is that everyone choses how heavy a weight they lift so it is automatically tailored to everyone’s individual needs. The combination of weights and intense cardiovascular training make this class very beneficial for anyone looking to tone up, lose weight, and gain muscle. The constant movement also means that you burn a high amount of calories during the high exertion sets. The fact that there is a limit on the number of people who can participate in this class means the instructor is very attentive which makes the class much more intense than your average circuit class.

Circuit training is a handy way to exercise especially around exam period as it maximizes the possible reps completed in a period of time. Since the exercises are completed in a row with few rest periods, the time that you actually spend exercising is shortened. This circuit class targeted all areas of the body in the 45minute session.

The instructor doesn’t object if you feel the need to take it down a notch if you feel the exercise is too tough. So a word of warning: Along with your spandex and your water bottle, a big dose of ‘Fitspiration’ is definitely a necessity for this class.



If you are passionate about combining exercise with a healthy lifestyle then the Nike fitness club is for you. They do not just offer classes; they also offer a support network filled with like-minded people. Their Facebook group gives inspiration, motivation and a wealth of information about up and coming fitness events all over the country so whether you are a complete fitness fanatic or just trying to get rid of those study induced stomach rolls then this is a great place to start.

Summer is just around the corner but before we can get out and enjoy the sunshine most of us have a stack of exams to get through. A lot of our sports clubs on campus have finished for the year but the Nike fitness classes run throughout the whole of summer term. If you are already a member of the on campus gym then the classes are free. For non – members they cost £5. Since they are on campus they are the perfect excuse for study break! The classes get full quickly so it is definitely worth booking onto them in advance.

So if you are looking an intense, inspiring and fun place to get in shape for the summer months search Nike Training Club Exeter on Facebook to get involved and to view their full class timetable.

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Picture credits: teendiaries.net, facebook.com, mixtejp.blogspot.ie

An Irish 2nd year student, studying psychology and Italian at the University of Exeter, with a love of sports, healthy food and anything outdoorsy!
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