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This week we have been promoting FXYouCan, a campaign run by the FXU (Student Union) promoting an active involvement with sport, health and fitness activites run on campus, the theme being to challenge yourself to try out something new. It takes its inspiration from ‘This Girl Can’, which specifically celebrates the active lifestyle of women across the country – all ages, all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels. With this in mind, we had a lovely chat with Jessica Forsyth, a 2nd year Zoology student at Penryn Campus who embodies the aims of both campaigns by trying out all sorts of activities! 

What sport and fitness activities have you tried out so far at university? In my first year I tried a few new things to see if I could get into anything and find a new sporty hobby. I had a go at volleyball for the entire first term, as well as taster sessions for pole fitness and spinning, as well as ball room and latin dancing. I did stick at volleyball until christmas, but unfortunately lazy Jess came out in the new year and I eventually stopped going. 

Are there any activities that you still do regularly? Towards the end of first year I started going to zumba classes with my flat mate Chloe, and we still go every week. The classes are run for females aged 14-25, so you feel completely comfortable with the people around you, and it’s just £2 which is an amazing price! Tuesday evenings are basically my let loose and dance nights! I also do general exercise in and around the house with weights as and when I feel like it. It all adds up, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes here and there! 

Why do you think it’s important to make an effort to fit in exercise around work at university? The most important reason to make an effort to exercise at uni is to give yourself a break from all of the stress. Especially with feel good fitness and dance classes, because you can just go a bit crazy – we all need to let it out somehow! Not forgetting that it makes you feel better after using the ‘spend £40 and get half price’ deal from dominoes all to yourself, and having one too many treat yo’ self days.

Do you prefer exercising in the gym, or through classes and at home? I personally prefer exercising in classes or at home because I get a bit intimidated by people in a gym environment, I never feel like I’m using the equipment right and I get self-conscious of how red my cheeks are looking. In a group class everyone’s doing the same thing and you soon realise no one cares what you look like or how much your sweating because you’re all encouraging each other.

Considering its FXYouCan week, do you have any tips for student wanting to try out new things? If the sound of a particular sport club or society makes you think “ooh I wonder if i’d like that”, then just go and try it out. This week is one of the best times to do that, because there are so many free events taking place on campus Don’t make the mistake of waiting to see if one of your friends are going as well, or waiting to see how you feel on the day. Sign up and commit to it and you’ll probably be surprised how much you like it!

You can find the programme for this week’s FXYouCan here, and if you’re interested in female only Zumba classes at the Dracaena Centre, check out the Falmouth Doorstep Sportclub’s facebook page

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