4 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick

Sniffle, sniffle. Cough, cough. These sounds are heard throughout the gym, in each and every class, and basically all over every college campus. Living in close quarters and the changing seasons makes it feel as though getting sick is almost unavoidable. But, that’s not actually the case. There are all sorts methods that will help you prevent getting sick, even if you’re constantly surrounded by illness.

1. Emergen-C.

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Some believe in it, others don’t. Let me tell you, I think it’s a miracle-worker – if you start taking it when you first feel the symptoms of a common cold. The minute I feel myself getting congested or feel a sore throat coming on, I start taking Emergen-C. Keep at this several times a day for a few days, and I can almost promise you’ll find that your symptoms subside. Just have faith in homeopathic remedies!

2. Sleep when you can.

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Sometimes it’s tempting to stay up late surfing the internet or watching a movie on the nights you don’t have much homework, but it’s actually really helpful to take this opportunity to just go to bed early. If your body is fighting something, sleep can fight it off, and you may never actually end up feeling the symptoms. Sleep really can cure a lot of things, which is easy to understand when we think of the comfort of our own beds.

3. Zicam.

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As another homeopathic cure, Zicam is equally amazing. It comes in various forms (pills, chewables, nasal swabs). Zicam can be used in the same way as Emergen-C and should also be used at the onset of a cold. Sometimes doubling up on the two can help, as Emergen-C is vitamin C based while Zicam is plant-based.

4. Keep hand sanitizer in your bag.

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A seemingly trivial and overstated idea, but actually a really helpful one! When it feels like everyone around you is sick, they probably are, meaning their germs will likely reach you and your stuff. Using hand sanitizer before eating and throughout the day can help from letting those germs enter your body.

So, whichever method works with you, it’s important to do something in order to stay healthy. These recommendations are not too tricky to try and you will most certainly find something that will work for you!