4 Easy Ways to Combat Stress

Feeling overwhelmed? Refresh your mind with these stress-fighting solutions!

While Atlanta’s late September weather might still resemble a summer day, Emory students know that carefree times of relaxation are a thing of the past. Now, we’ve traded empty schedules and lazy days for hours in the library and a worry-free mind with thoughts of six page papers and midterm exams. With so much to do, it’s hard not to feel stressed out and mentally exhausted. Whether you need a study break or just feel plain burnt out, try these easy suggestions to keep stress under control and refresh yourself!

1. Exercise 

Feeling sluggish? Whether you love to work out or have never set foot in a gym, just getting moving is a great way to break up a day of tedious work. By picking a form of exercise that you enjoy, either sports, yoga or running, you will have a short distraction that will leave you feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.

Elle Woods says it best....

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So put on your workout clothes, grab your headphones and start sweating!

2. Go Outside

Sitting indoors all day can get pretty dreary. For those with packed schedules, something as simple as taking a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine can go a long way. Otherwise, getting out into nature works as a change of scenery that will help put your mind at ease and may even spark inspiration. There’s definitely something therapeutic about staring out into a beautiful lake or strolling through a quiet forest. And luckily, Lullwater park is just minutes away!

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3. Coloring

So what if it’s an activity mostly popular among kindergartners? Filling a page with bright colors while listening to your favorite music is a foolproof way to relieve you of your worries. And all you need are some colored pencils and a design. There are tons of adult coloring books out there made for the very purpose of de-stressing. So, pick one up, let your mind wander and watch your stress slip away!

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4. Laugh it off

If you feel a lull in your motivation, take a few minutes to re-energize yourself by joking around with your friends or even watching your favorite TV show that never fails to crack you up. Use these short fun moments interspersed throughout an otherwise boring day to combat mental exhaustion. A little bit of laughter really can brighten your day!

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When things get to be a little too much, use these tips to help you take a step back, calm down and refresh you mind. Happy studying!