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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E19

Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode starts with Jo and Mer talking about their presentation and Mer tells her not to stress out the mouse beforehand.  All of the doctors are presenting their findings for the contest and Richard goes backstage to prepare (because he is up first).  Arizona passes out cookies from her patients to all the doctors at the presentation, including Avery, Maggie, Catherine, Bailey, and some of the interns. April gives an introduction explaining the rules of the next step of the contest before also accepting a cookie from Arizona and placing them on the judges table.   

Avery and Catherine talk about the settlement that Avery tried to wave and he finds out that it was a sexual harassment lawsuit.  We then jump back to Richard’s presentation about how his cancer detecting pen works to determine if tissue is healthy or not. Arizona gets a page and runs to her patients, who asked for the cookies back frantically.  She goes back to the conference and Arizona asks if Mer can get the cookies off the judges table. Arizona explains to Mer that she accidently gave almost everyone the cookies that have an undetermined amount of weed in them. After Richards presentation, Avery and his mother give theirs, however, after that, Mer gets up and announces that the remainder of the presentation is going to be postponed.  Mer pretends like the cookies were tainted with rat poison and that anyone who ate them needed to be treated. Mer brings everyone who ate the cookies to another room and tells them that they have to stay in the room until they are sober. After Mer leaves they all immediately leave the room.

Amelia is on the phone with Owen and he says that they are bringing him a foster kid.  She offers to go over and help but then Arizona tells her what is happening with the doctors.  She says she will stay, but Arizona tells her she doesn’t have to. Arizona goes to check up on Maggie.  Back in the lab, Amelia runs into a very high Alex, and Catherine and Avery try to talk about the lawsuits, but they are high.  Jo gives the interns instructions on how to take over the attendings services for the dat. Mer says it is a contest and whoever does the most work can scrub in on a surgery with her.  They then make sure all the interns didn’t eat cookies, but one of the interns lies about it. Bailey pages Mer 911 from the OR and Mer rushes over. Mer pulls Bailey out of surgery because Bailey ate a cookie and Mer is going to finish the surgery instead.  Bailey pushes the door open by accident though and crushes Mer’s fingers. She doesn’t think they are broken but they are too swollen to move so Jo has to scrub into the surgery instead. She has never done this kind of surgery by herself, but Mer says she’s got it.  

Amelia brings Alex to Owen’s house because he is too high to do work.  She starts cleaning for Owen so he can take a shower before the social worker comes with the foster child.  Back at the hospital, Maggie and Arizona are waiting for Maggie to sober up in one of the rooms. She rants about cheese, and Arizona talks about how she asked Carina to stay.  Maggie starts playing with the electronic simulation table in the classroom and DeLuca is hallucinating Sam while lying on the floor.

April is sitting in the lounge and talks to Bailey about how she might have heard something she shouldn’t have heard and that she has never done pot before.  Bailey talks about how she hasn’t either then after a long pause, Bailey tells April that she has never hated her more. Meanwhile, Jo is in surgery and she decides she should change Bailey’s surgical plan.  She takes a look at the scans to decide.

Avery and Catherine are talking about the lawsuits again and how there were a lot of people who were trying to prosecute his grandfather (13 to be exact).  Avery is trying to understand what was happening. Catherine tells him that they paid a lot of money to keep them quiet and that Avery let it out. Then Avery realizes that Catherine was the one to cover it up for so long.

Owen and Amelia try to get Alex to go back to Owen’s room because the social worker is going to be there any minute.  He eventually goes, but then the doorbell rings and Alex comes back out and opens the door. Owen takes the baby from the social worker, and Alex (even though he is high) makes up an excuse as to why he is there in the first place (to make sure the baby isn’t sick).  

Back at the hospital, Richard is just finding out about the cookies.  The intern that lied about ingesting them is down in the pit helping an incoming trauma and he is first on the scene.  The nurse presents the patient’s vitals and the intern decides that the patient needs a central line. She tells him to put on in, but he tells her that he can’t.  While backing out of the room in panic, he hits a cart and is impaled by a surgical instrument.

In the OR, Jo is looking at the scan’s to determine what her next move should be.  Even though the tumor is large, she isn’t sure what she should do. She talks it through with Mer and Mer tells her that she is a surgeon.  Jo needs Dr. Webber’s pen and sends Glasses to go get it to determine if she is getting all of the cancer out of Bailey’s patient. He finds Webber in the trauma center with the other intern and Webber tells him where to find the pen.  He runs off and the other intern starts bleeding.

DeLuca is still lying on the floor hallucinating Sam and Maggie is still playing with the table while talking to Arizona about Carina.  Arizona tells her that Callie is really fun to be with and Maggie corrects her. Arizona denies that that is what she said. She realizes that she said it but she is confused about it because Carina and Callie are so different.  Maggie loses the liver on the table she is playing with and tries to look for it.

April tells Bailey about what she heard Avery and Catherine talking about.  Bailey says she isn’t surprised by it because Harper Avery was awful. Bailey says she signed a contract with a distributor for her contest project and April is talking about how she knows secrets about Avery and Maggie. They are both talking to each other at the same time but neither is paying attention to the other. April says that she knows that they must be together but she as been seeing someone also.  She then realizes that Bailey said she is manufacturing her contest device with a sex toy manufacturer.

Glasses brings the pen back to surgery and the patient’s family stops him on his way.  He talks his way out of it. In Amelia’s car, Owen is in the back with the baby. He says that they are not at the store, but Amelia says that they are going to go to her sister’s because she keeps everything.  Back in surgery, Glasses asks if the pen is going to work, and Jo says that it should but that they are testing it. He is worried that they are testing it on the patient. Mer tells him to shut up and Jo decides that she is going to save half of the patient’s stomach instead of going with Bailey’s plan.  

Maggie calls the time of death on her electronic patient because of “disappearance of Liver.”  DeLuca is still on the floor Hallucinating Sam. he tries to reach out and his hand goes through her so he starts sobbing.  

Richard is having two of the interns treat the high one.  Richard says that he is going to give the intern a sedative, but the intern quickly realizes that the sedation could react with the weed he ingested.  Meanwhile, Alex, Owen, and Amelia are at her sister’s house trying to get things Owen will need for a baby. Owen isn’t sure if he is doing the right thing, but Amelia tells him that he is going to be perfect.  Alex tells him he will be good at it because is giving “a lot of craps” about the baby.

Catherine tells Avery that it was a very different time when she covered up Harper Avery’s mistakes.  She tells him that he has no right to judge her. She says that she did it because of the time period and because she couldn’t say anything.  She is sorry that they have to carry the burden together because she tried to protect him, but now it might bring all the Harper Avery hospitals down.  

In surgery, Jo says they just have to wait and see if he pulls through.  Mer says that she would have done exactly what Jo did (without the pen of course).  Jo asked why she didn’t help her, but Mer explains that she couldn’t have learned without doing it by herself.  Mer tells her that she now gets to tell his family that she saved him.

Bailey and April are still in the lounge and when Mer asks what they are doing they tell her that they are having a funeral for Harper Avery and the foundation because it is the end of an era.  Mer asks why and they tell her about what April overheard. In another room, Avery and Catherine have a heart to heart. She says that whatever happens next isn’t going to be good and Mer walks in and asks them if it is true.  She asks them what he did and Catherine tells her the truth. Mer gets to the bottom of why her mother took her aunt’s name off the essay.

Richard reprimands the intern that was high because his tox screen came back positive and he lied about it.  He tells Richard that half of the attendings ate the cookies too, but Richard tells him that they didn’t practice medicine and acted responsibly.  When the intern asked if he is suspended and Richard tells him no, because he is fired. The foundation is in the news about what Harper Avery did. Arizona wants to know what Carina is still there, but she said she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye.  Jo picks up Alex from Amelia, who is still at Owen’s. Amelia tells Owen to go sleep, but then the baby wakes up. He thanks her for coming and she goes to leave. Instead though, she decides to stay the night to help Owen out.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the ninteenth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 20! Until then!


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