Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E16

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The episode starts with April sleeping in a bar, clearly having passed out after getting too drunk. The bartender wakes her up because they are closing and she has to leave. On another continent, Owen is knocking on the door of a house, and Teddy answers the door.  At Grey Sloan, Mer talks to a doctor who just finished an organ recovery (a liver) and is now standing against the wall in the hallway. During their conversation, he tells her he had a kidney transplant 5 weeks ago and then collapses.

Kepner talks with her patient in the ER (who was previously under Bailey’s care), and after reading his chart, she wondered out loud why he didn’t have surgery. He tells her that he is a Rabbi and wanted to go on the youth retreat he had planned.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to if he had surgery. Bailey notices he’s back from across the the ER, but she doesn’t come over to see what’s wong. April examines the rash, and when she touches it, his skin peels off, so she is immediately concerned. She tells a nurse to page Avery and to tell the burn unit that are on their way. She and Bailey meet eyes across the room and from the look on April’s face, you can tell she is pissed.

Back in Germany, Teddy and Owen are talking in her kitchen. She wants to know what he is there and didn’t just call or text.  Owen tells her that he and Amelia got divorced and that their relationship is over. He tells her that there’s nothing standing in their way now, but she doesn’t answer him. After a long pause, they kiss (GOOD LORD IT IS ABOUT TIME!  We’ve only been waiting for this since what?? The first moment we met them??). Back at the hospital, Mer is helping the other doctor and there is some weird tension between them (although it isn’t bad tension...it’s...sexual?). They talk about the patient he did the organ recovery for and why he did it when he wasn’t ready to go back to surgery after his own surgery yet. Mer tells him that she has to send his tests to the lab before they will know for sure if he is going to lose the kidney.

April goes to see the Rabbi in the burn unit to update him on his condition and Avery is there working on him.  When the patient sees her, he jokes about not being able to go on the trip now. She tells him that he is having a reaction to the antibiotics he was prescribed, which is causing his skin to separate from itself. He thought he was taking them as they were prescribed and Avery tells him that he was, but that sometimes the reaction just happens and no one knows why.  They ask if there is anyone they can call and he says he wouldn’t want to bother his wife. April and Avery tell him he should call her. They leave the room and Bailey goes to talk to them and find out what is wrong. April confronts her and fully reveals how angry she is with Bailey. Avery tells Bailey she didn’t do anything wrong, but April pushes him out of the conversation. Bailey offers to take her patient back, but April tells her that she can’t take him because she is the one that caused this to happen to him.

Mer is checking on her patient. She does an ultrasound, and everything seems to check out, so she tells him that his kidney looks good. Mer also tells him that his patient’s surgery (the one he got the liver for) is going off without a hitch, and he says she’s going to beat him up for not being there, before asking when he will get his labs back. Mer tells him that he will get them back soon.  She asks how he is feeling and he answers, but Mer tells him to stop being tough because then she can’t treat him. She tried to leave and he guilts her into staying so he won’t be alone. She makes fun of him for not wanting to call family, but he tells her that he can’t pull his niece out of her midterm because he can’t do math and can’t help her if she falls behind. She points out that he’s a surgeon (and that he should be able to do math) and he clarifies that he is a world class surgeon. She asks why he clarified and he tells her that he has to because she is talking to a Harper Avery winner. She tells him he doesn’t need visitors because he has a lot of internet staking to do. He asks about her other surgeries and they joke about it before he opens up to her and tells her that he took his niece in when his sister couldn’t take care of her.  He also asks Mer if she has kids. She tells him she does, which then prompts him to ask about their father. (Y’all are wondering why I’m going into so much detail here, but I promise, it is worth it). She says they used to have one and he changed the conversation quickly to ask her what she would be if she wasn’t a doctor. Mer says there is nothing she wants to be more and when she tells him his mother would be proud of him for the work he is doing, she picks up on the fact that his mother passed away. He explains why he couldn’t sit still, and had to become a transplant surgeon. He adds that he also loves to fly and Mer laughs (because we all know what happens when Mer gets on planes). He wants to know where she keeps her Harper Avery and she tells him that she will tell him when his labs come in before she gets up to leave. He asks her if she thinks he’s going to lose the kidney and she tells him that she doesn’t know without the labs.

Back in Germany, the scene is a montage of with Teddy and Owen that starts with them laying in her bed talking about why he is there in the first place before jumping to them on the couch talking about surgeries they had together. They skip to the two of them sitting in the windowsill and Teddy asks, again, why Owen is there. She asks him if this is it (the one day) and if he’s getting on a plane to go back to the the United States. She tells him that she lives far away and has a life in Germany and even though she hates it there, she loves her life. Owen asks why he can’t be a part of her life and she counters his question by asking him if that’s what he wants because it would involve him leaving Megan and his mom. Owen says they can figure it out because he just wants to be with her. He also tells her that he is in love with her and that’s why he got on a plane to come and see her. We skip again to them being back in bed and Teddy tells Owen to stay a few days. He agrees and she asks if he’s scared, to which he responds that he’s not. He tells her that Amelia was right in pointing out that they should be together (OWEN WHY WOULD YOU SAY THIS). Teddy, getting upset, starts asking questions and Owen admits that Amelia told him to go to Teddy while they were sleeping together and that it had been the night before he showed up (OWEN OF ALL THE TIMES TO TELL THE TRUTH!?). Teddy is clearly pissed at him and he knows he really messed up.

Back at Grey Sloan, Mer is checking in on her patient again. He tells her that he has his best friend’s kidney and doesn’t want to tell his friend that he lost it. She tells him to stop worrying about it until they get the labs. He tells her that his “Plan B,” jumping back to their previous conversation about what they would be if they weren’t doctors.  He tells her that his idea was to be a shoe salesman, because he can go home and not think about shoes. She points out that he said that “used to be” his plan, and asks him what the fantasy is now, but he tells her it’s her turn. She tells him about how she used to think that she and Christina would work at the multiplex and points out that he made her answer because he doesn’t want to be anything other than a doctor. He tells her that his fantasy now is to just go sit in the canoe that his father used to take him out in if he couldn’t be a doctor. As soon as he finished telling her, he immediately apologized for getting way too personal on a first date before quickly pointing out that he is kidding. She tells him that she would go to Sardinia to just disconnect with the world and be in peace, instead of having lives on her hands all the time. He asks if there’s room in the hammock for someone with a debatably functioning kidney (HA, SMOOTH)  and if she wouldn’t mind helping him carry a canoe (I am trying very hard not to get attached to this character because his labs are not back yet and I FEEL like Shonda is trying to hurt me—now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Shonda is why I have trust issues--but wow do I love him he’s so funny). Before Mer can answer her phone goes off and his labs are in, but when she pulls them up, the tests are inconclusive. She looks at his kidney through the ultrasound again and tells him he has a clot, they just couldn’t see it before. They rush him to the OR, and while they are in transport, he tells her where to find everything his niece needs to live without him. Mer isn’t having that kind of negativity though, and she tells him that he can tell her himself.

The Rabbi is asking for his wife and Kepner tells him that she is on her way. He jokes with her about how she couldn’t even pretend that she was his wife for a moment as he was dying.  She tells him to hold on until she gets there, and then she tries to give him pain meds, but he refuses and asks why Bailey is hovering. She tells him that Bailey can stay where she is and he asks why Kepner doesn’t like her. She tells him that Bailey is her boss and he says Bailey is a good doctor. When Kepner doesn’t respond, he asks if Bailey made a mistake. She says that she would have prescribed the surgery instead of the antibiotics so he wouldn’t be in the position he is in now, and he says that she saved him from having an unnecessary surgery.  He also reiterates that what happened to him was random and that bailey couldn’t have known. He asks if she is mad at Bailey and Kepner denies it, so he asks what’s hurting her. She tells him that it’s nothing, but he tells her that he knows when people are in pain too. She tells him not to worry about it and insists that she is fine, but he calls her out on being a terrible liar. She starts to open up to him, evading a lot of details, but when he keeps pushing, she does finally opened up to him and tells him what she is going through. He explains to her why she is going through what she is going through and to not lose her faith. He also tells her that she sounds like a child for giving up on her faith. He talks to her about taking pain away and she asks if she can give him more medication for his pain. He tells her that she already did take his pain away by letting him help her. He asks her to tell Bailey that he forgives her and Kepner tells him to hold on because his wife will be there any minute. He calls out for his wife, and thinks that April is her.  This time, she pretends to be his wife while he keeps telling her that he loves her before passing away.

Mer’s patient is out of surgery and after checking on him, she tries to leave, not realizing he was awake. He calls her back and she tells him that “Plan B” isn’t going to happen because she saved his kidney and he can go back to Mayo.  Back in Germany, however, Teddy is yelling at Owen because he is afraid of being alone, and he tells her he didn’t come to see her because of anything else, only because he loves her. She brings up all the times he’s jumped from woman to woman and he brings up Henry, which only makes Teddy more mad. She tells him that she’s not afraid and Owen says it’s what she’s always done because she doesn’t want to be hurt. At that,  Teddy tells Owen that all he does is hurt her and she says it has never been about her. She tells him that she is done being his fallback before opening the door and telling him they are done. She makes him leave and go home (Honestly Teddy, as much as I needed this, you are so much better off without him!).

Bailey is trying to light a candle in the hospital chapel but can’t get the match to light. Kepner comes in and helps her light it. She tells Bailey that Eli (the Rabbi) forgave Bailey before he passed away. Across the street, Alex and Mer are at Joe’s and he tells her she looks like crap (reading this over I realize how often Alex actually says this to Mer).  Mer tells him that her patient was attractive and funny and Alex asked if he was married. Mer tells him no, but when Alex asked what was wrong with him, she told him that that her patient lives in Minnesota. She tells him that he was her patient and that she likes the way her life is now, but that he made her feel something that she hasn’t felt since Derek. Alex asks if it’s the worst thing in the world to know it’s out there, and Mer tells him that no, it isn’t. Right when she finishes the sentence, the door to the bar opens and Mer  turns around. We’re immediately catapulted back to the moment when Derek entered the bar when they first met (even though we don’t see it, we see the change from current Mer to a younger intern Mer’s face).

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the sixteenth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 17! Until then!