Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E17

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The episode starts with Alex and Jo on the bridge and jumps around to the different characters. Owen is alone at his apartment, and is clearly still mad about what happened in Germany. Ben and Bailey are in bed, and he gives her a present. It’s a pill box for all her pills, and she’s clearly annoyed/upset by it (for good reason). April visits the chapel at the hospital. When Jo and Alex arrive at the hospital, they run into Mer and talk about how Jo and Mer’s mouse died with the one of the new devices they are trying. While asking Owen about how it went in Germany, Amelia calls Teddy and talks to her.  Teddy stands her ground and tells Amelia why she is mad before hanging up. She tells Owen that it’s not going to happen with Teddy. Just at that moment, Arizona pops in and asks how it went, causing Owen to snap at her. In the ambulance bay, Ben brings in a patient and it’s a patient that Richard treated way back in the day.

Alex and Amelia go to talk to Noah’s Mom about the tumor surgery (with the lasers). Alex tries to sugar coat the risks, but Amelia doesn’t beat around the bush.  She tells the mother that it’s risky, but it’s his only real chance. She finishes her explanation by telling her that despite it being extremely risky, that they are good at their jobs. While she is on the fence, her son laughs, and hearing it pushes her into signing the paperwork for them to do the procedure. Alex and Amelia leave the room and Alex goes to tell Kimmy. Tom and Amelia talk about the procedure and he goes to find DeLuca and Sam. Alex talks to Kimmy and she tells him she’s sick of hospitals and just wants to go back to school.

Richard’s patient is his AA sponsor. He tells her that there are options for countering liver failure. He is mad at her because she didn’t tell him about her DNR. She tells him that she didn’t know how to tell him she was dying, but he tells her he isn’t going to let her die.

Arizona checks in her patient in the ER after an accident.  The woman who is with her is freaking out and upset. She tells them that she has stage 2 breast cancer and that she just had a round of chemo.  Meanwhile, Maggie and Jackson are in the elevator. They see April, but they don’t talk. April apologizes to Tom for using him for sex and he tells her that God approves of her using him for sex. Back in the ER, Owen’s patient is raving about her doctor, Dr. Hanson.  He sends his patient to get a CT, and you can see that he is bothered by the whole situation. His patient had said that her doctor promised to cure her, and when Glasses says he is amazing, Owen tells him to never promise a patient a cure. He tells Glasses get the medical records for him from this doctor. About to complete the procedure on her patient, Amelia is nervous that it won’t work. DeLuca stands in the super hero pose that Amelia is known for teaching her students, and she and Tom join in.

Richard has Meredith and Maggie consult on his sponsor’s case, and asks them to take it over because she is like family to him. He asks them to wait outside while he talks to his patient. She asks what the protocol is for a doctor refusing her wishes for no medical treatment and says she will go to his boss. He tells her he’s married to the owner of the hospital and that the chief was his student, so she probably wouldn’t have much luck there. She says that she will break his anonymity to any doctor he brings in to treat ehr, but he brings in Maggie and Mer. He tells her that he trusts them to come up with a plan and says if she has anything to share with them she has his blessing.

Amelia, Alex, Tom, DeLuca, and Sam try the procedure, but Tom realizes that there is nowhere for the heat to go, and tells everyone that the procedure is going to take a long time to finish. Elsewhere in the hospital, Glasses tells Owen he couldn’t get the files as Arizona walks in, and Arizona tells Glasses to go call again.  She tells him to get them to try and release them and to make sure they know that it is Grey Sloan asking because of an emergent case. She tells Owen not to take his anger out on the interns and that she spoke with Teddy. He tells her to look at the scans of their patient and they find that she doesn’t have cancer.

Mer is with her patient and her patient tells Richard that he is going to need a new sponsor. Maggie tells her not to give up hope, but she tells Maggie she doesn’t need hope, she needs Richard needs to accept it and that she needs to know that he is going to get through her death without a bottle.

April apologies to Owen and tells him that she was going through a lot. He forgives her because she is good person and doesn’t deserve to be crucified for one bad move (clearly he is talking about himself). Avery tried to talk to her as April is walking away, but she just says she’s busy and keeps moving. Glasses tells Owen that he called again, and that the office had told him that Dr. Hanson’s system is down and all records are unavailable. Owen says he will take it over from there just as Arizona shows up to talk to Owen. She tells him to stop being so angry, but he is convinced there is something fishy happening. He jumps on the computer at the nurses station and pulls up the company that the doctor is practicing under.  He shows Arizona the screen and Dr. Hanson isn’t a member.

Ben and Bailey are at home still he collapses on the bed and fall asleep from exhaustion. Back at the hospital, Amelia and her team are all still in the surgery. Tom says that have to stop, but Amelia doesn’t want to. She wants to make sure the tumor is gone. After they turn off the machine, Amelia goes and throws up in the trash can outside the room. Tom says that they will know if they saved him if he wakes up. At the nurses station, Maggie and Mer are talking to Richard.  He asks what their plan is and Mer says that they are going to give her a break and run more tests in the morning, talking over Maggie, who tries to tell Richard there is nothing they can do. When Richard leaves, Mer says that they have to make sure he doesn’t fall off the wagon and they try to see if Catherine can fly back in to Seattle. Mer gets paged and has to run to check on her mouse, but when she gets there she learned that another one died. Mer wants to work faster, but it doesn’t look like it is going to be possible.  She tells Jo and Helm to go home, but they say they are staying if she is staying. Meanwhile, Amelia sits in her patient’s room, but there is no change. She wonders about what they might have done to him because he hasn’t woken up yet.

DeLuca and Sam are asleep in the hospital and she tells him that she’s never been to his place. After a few minutes of freaking out, she discovers that he lives in the on-call room because the people he was living with started sleeping with his sister (Arizona and Hunt). After pausing for a moment, Sam asks DeLuca to move in with her. Meanwhile, Owen and Arizona go to Dr. Hanson’s clinic (using fake names). The nurse tells them to fill out forms and that they will be called when Dr. Hanson can see them. At the hospital, Bailey goes to see Webber and asks if he is okay. Richard opens up to Bailey about why it means so much to him that they save his sponsor.

Kepner apologies to more people and how she was unfair to them while Mer tells Richard’s sponsor (and Richard) that they don’t really have any options left to help her. The patient tells Richard that she struggled coming to terms with dying, but when she said that, Richard gets snippy with her (but she dishes it back). After leaving the room, Avery tells Mer and Maggie that Catherine can’t fly out. Mer storms off and Maggie asks Avery if she’s going to be the one who has to tell him. Avery tells her he knows exactly how it feels because it’s how he felt when Maggie’s mother was dying. He tells Maggie that he wants to help, but she tells him he already did.

At the clinic Arizona is getting an exam from Dr. Hanson. He tells her that she has a lesion, but, being skeptical, she and Owen ask to see the screen. They realize that it is actually there and that might Arizona has breast cancer.  She bursts into tears at the thought of being diagnosed with cancer. Back at Grey Sloan, Amelia, Alex, and Tom celebrate because the surgery they did on Noah is successful and he woke up.

Upon their return to the hospital, a very panicked Arizona has April check her to see if she really does have cancer. April does an ultrasound (and Owen barges in to see the screen) and she determines that it is completely clean. They realize Dr. Hanson is faking the ultrasounds and telling women they have cancer when they really don’t. Owen storms out of the room, saying that Arizona told him to not take his anger out on the interns and that now he wasn’t.

Outside Grey Sloan, on a park bench, Maggie talks to Richard about how she felt when her mom died. After a few moments, he realizes that he is doing the same selfish thing to his sponsor as Maggie did to her mom.  Outside the hospital daycare, April finally talks to Avery. She tells him that she lost God and she was scared, which is why she freaked out. She explains that when she lost God, she felt like Avery had won (because of his opposition to God when they got married) and that she hated him for it. April thanks him for being there when it felt like God wasn’t and that she was really sorry for everything.

Alex walks in on Amelia and Tom talking about how the procedure isn’t going to be possible for Kimmy. Alex starts fighting back, but Tom says that he won’t perform the procedure no matter what. Alex grabs Tom and slams him back against the table, breaking some beakers and equipment.  He lets Tom go, but he is still clearly angry about the fact that they can't save Kimmy.

Arizona pulls up scans and finally tells her patient that she doesn’t have cancer. Her patient is ecstatic, and says that she has to call Dr. Hanson immediately.  Arizona tells her that Dr. Hunt is telling Dr. Hanson while they are speaking, and not to worry about it. Over at the clinic, Owen pushes Dr. Hanson into a chair and repeatedly asks him why he would do that to women just to make more money.  He tells Dr. Hanson to roll up his sleeve while pulling out the bag of chemo and a needle (he was definitely pulling out some military interrogation skills). I was super worried that Owen had actually snapped, but as it turns out, he is just stalling until the police got there to arrest the doctor.

Amelia and Richard go to see his sponsor. She gets annoyed that he has brought another doctor to consult on her case, but he tells her he didn’t bring another doctor, be brought a meeting to her.  Meanwhile, Mer and Jo check on their mice and find out they didn’t actually need the device. After testing a variety of different methods, the only mouse that survived (and grew a new liver) was the one they injected the cells into directly.   

Back at home, Bailey calls Ben and tells him it is urgent that he gets home quickly. She tells him that she isn’t dying and that she is alive and so is he.  She doesn’t want to be treated any differently because of what happened, and they should celebrate the life that they have.

In the lobby of Grey Sloan, Avery and Maggie are walking out, but Jackson forgot his keys and has to run back upstairs.  While she is waiting for Jackson, April walks by and stops to talk to Maggie to apologize for what happened at the game night.  Maggie tells her that she was the least of her problems that night, but April insists that everything she did was wrong, including kissing Jackson in the supply closet. Unfortunately, and not to April’s knowledge, Maggie didn’t know about this kiss, and Maggie looks pissed when Jackson gets back.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the seventeenth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 18! Until then!