Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E18

Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven't watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode starts with Mer bringing her kids to the hospital.  At the same time, DeLuca and Sam talk about getting an apartment together. Maggie is still pissed at Avery and when he asks her how long she’s going to keep it up, she just looks even more annoyed with him.  Elsewhere in the hospital, Richard and Catherine are sitting with his sponsor because she is dying. Outside of the room, Mer is talking to Maggie and Amelia and says he’s been in there for days and that he sleeps in the chair in her room. Amelia thinks he will be okay. After they walk away, Mer stops Jo and her interns because she doesn’t want Richard to hear the rounds again. Jo says that they have to do rounds, so Mer makes them do the presentation in the hallway. In the pediatric section of the hospital, Alex is checking in with Kimmy while she is packing.  He is trying to convince her to stay, but she tells him that she wants to live the rest of her life, not just stay in the hospital to die. She tells him that all she has ever wanted to do was sing on Broadway, and even is she just has to stand on the sidewalk and sing, she is going to do it. Alex has to leave to prep for another surgery, but he tells Kimmy that he still wants to talk about it more before she leaves. He asks her to hang tight till he comes back, and she agrees to wait.

Meanwhile, Arizona is checking on Matt’s baby, Ruby.  Arizona thinks that she isn’t eating because of her pre-existing heart condition. Matt stops her mid-sentence because he wants a different doctor.  He tells her that he can’t look at Arizona without thinking about what happened. Arizona doesn’t let the interns in to see him and April overhears what is happening through the rounds they are trying to do outside the rooms.

Bailey and Mer are talking outside the nurse’s station about how Mer has to take over Bailey’s service for the day so she can work on her research for the contest. While they are talking, an agent from immigration comes up and asks to speak with Bailey about one of the surgical interns.  Both she and Mer looks confused, and both ask which one he wants to speak to.

Mer pulls Sam into an exam room to speak with her and Bailey entered the room as well. They tell her that the agent is there to speak with her and Sam starts freaking out. Bailey asks her what it’s about and if she is undocumented, but Sam tells them she is a Dreamer and here on DACA. DACA gives her the permission to work, but the only way she can be stay in the country is if she doesn’t break the law. During her panic, she tells Bailey and Mer that she has never broken the law, so she doesn’t know what it could have been before telling them that she has to run and hide before asking Bailey how to calm down. Bailey leaves Sam with Mer and goes to her office, where the agent is waiting.  She tells the agent that Sam is in surgery and can’t come talk to him right now. She says it is hard to tell when the surgery the surgery will be over. He says he will wait and Bailey sits down to wait with him. Mer updates the surgical board to support their story. She stops Helm and tells her that she has to postpone their surgery. Just after, Amelia is on the phone with another doctor trying to compare notes to help Kimmy. The doctor won’t help her because the hospital is a Harper Avery hospital. Amelia asks DeLuca what that was about, but Helm comes in and tells him that Mer needs him. They are confused and Amelia doesn't want him to go, but Helm insists that he goes to see Mer in the OR.

Arizona goes to see Owen in the ER, and tells him that she wants to have hi take over Matt’s baby’s case.  He says he has a busy pit, but April (who was eavesdropping) says she will cover it because Owen needs to make sure the baby is okay. In the OR, Mer talks with Sam and DeLuca about the immigration situation. Mer tells them to get married and DeLuca says they should, with a very weird and sloppy proposal.  Sam says she wants to get married, but getting married doesn’t give her legal status because she’s a Dreamer.

Arizona goes to see another one of her patients and after giving an exam says she looks good. Glasses suggests a c-section, but they don’t want to do that because a natural birth is safer for her and the baby (to avoid blood loss). They leave the room and Arizona immediately orders a lot of different things that she wants at the bedside when the woman gives birth. Carina thinks Arizona has too many statistics from her mortality study in her head, but Arizona isn’t taking any chances.

Meanwhile, Bailey is in her office with the immigration agent. He looks like he is getting impatient, and tells her that if she is lying about Sam’s whereabouts, she is breaking federal law. She tells him she knows and reassured him that she is in fact in an OR (which, technically is true, she just isn’t performing a surgery). Bailey then asks if Sam broke any laws, but he won’t say if she did or didn’t. Bailey sees that he might be sick based on his heartbeat (because she can see his pulse in his neck). She wants him to see a cardiologist, but he says that he will just wait for Sam. In the meantime, and still trying to figure out what to do, Mer goes to talk to Alex to try and help Sam. He tells her to talk to Jo instead, because she is the expert at hiding. Mer gets Jo and fills her in on the situation, and Jo tells Sam an elaborate plan on how to fake her own death.  Mer asks if that’s what Jo did, but she says no, she just had to change her name, but she was only hiding from one person. They try to talk Sam into it in order to save her but she refuses.

April looks on from outside the room while Owen is treating Matt’s baby to make sure that Ruby is okay.  As much as she clearly wants to, she knows she can’t go in the room. In the lab, Avery gets on the phone with the doctor Amelia is trying to work with, but when he asks why she can’t talk about it (and gives her permission to speak about it), she hangs up on him. Avery tells Amelia to get a different doctor but Amelia insists that she needs this doctor.

Arizona talks to Carina and Carina says the patient Arizona had been worried about  is fine. In the distance someone calls a code blue, and when Arizona sees the crash cart she thinks she needs one in the room with her patient as well as all the other things she already made Glasses get. She and Glasses then go to track down a crash cart for them to use.

Avery goes to see Catherine and asks her about Richard. She tells Avery that she feels like she can’t do anything. He asks her if she knows the doctor Amelia is trying to work with and Catherine said she thinks she might know something about it, but doesn’t elaborate much. All Catherine explains is that Avery’s grandfather took the doctor to court and she lost the case. After speaking with his mother, Avery goes to get on the elevator and on it is Maggie. He tries again to talk to her and defend himself, but she says that he keeps secrets and lies by omission before getting out of the elevator.

Back in the chief’s office, one of the interns (Parker) brings Bailey an EKG machine in case the agent changes his mind and would like Bailey to run tests on him for his heart. He asks how it works and she tells him it takes 5 minutes and a few stickers, but it will tell them if anything is actually wrong.  Meanwhile, in an attempt to save Sam, Amelia asks Owen to call Megan for Sam to hide with her. Owen says that if she’s not law abiding then it is the law that she be deported, but Amelia interrupts him and tells Owen that Sam is one of her best interns and she needs something to work so she can stay at the hospital.

In the maternity ward, Glasses brings Arizona a crash cart he found unattended and she re-arranges the supplies he put in it. In her office, Bailey gives the agent the EKG, and calls Maggie.  Maggie thinks that Bailey is trying to stall, and says that she can take a look at him and run all the tests. However, when Maggie actually looks at it and sees how bad it is, she knows that Bailey wasn’t just trying to stall. The agent walks over to see what they are talking about, because he thinks the Bailey is stalling as well, but she tells him that she had a heart attack and that he has to listen to what Maggie is about to tell him.

Still hovering around Ruby’s room, April pulls Owen aside and tells him that she doesn’t think Ruby’s heart is the problem. He asks her to prove it, but she says it’s just a feeling she has because she is also a mother. She asks him just to check because they are waiting for the lab results anyway and he says he’ll check it out.  In the hallway, DeLuca accuses Carina of calling ICE to get Sam deported (and he yells at her in Italian). She says she would never do that to anyone, especially not him, and she’s clearly hurt. DeLuca gets mad at himself for hurting his sister and shoves a cart into the wall.

Richard is still with his sponsor, waiting by her bedside so that she is not alone when she dies.  Elsewhere, Jo sees Kimmy leaving and tries to get her to stop because Alex is almost done with surgery. Kimmy says that they are checking out and they didn’t tell Alex because she couldn’t face him and tell him.  Kimmy tells Jo to tell Alex that she said thank you for fighting for her (and that she was smiling when she said it). Jo goes to talk to Alex and finds him at the surgery board. She tells him that she wants to start wedding planning and tells him that she doesn’t want a church wedding. He says they have plenty of time to plan the wedding, but that he has to go check on Kimmy.  Jo tells him that Kimmy left, but before she can tell him anything else, he runs off.

Avery and his mother talk about Richard’s sponsor in the hallway outside her room.  Catherine says that she is doing okay (I mean she is still dying, but not in pain), but that it is painful for Richard to watch. Catherine tells Avery to leave it alone (when talking about the doctor Amelia needs to work with), but he tells her that he already took care of it and had the lawyers waive the agreement that the doctor made with his grandfather.  When he walks away, Catherine’s poker face vanishes and she looks petrified. Meanwhile, Arizona brings the cart to her patient’s room, but Carina tells her that she already gave birth with no complications. Arizona is confused about how easily her patient gave birth given the issues the baby had in utero.

Back in the exam room, Matt is with Owen where Owen tells him it’s not the babies heart that's the problem, it’s her stomach. Matt asks what to do next and Owen says it's just a simple surgery to fix it. Matt opens up to Owen and when he thanks Owen for figuring it out, Owen accidentally tells Matt that it was Kepner that caught it. Owen goes to talk to Arizona about it and let her know what is going on with Ruby (because she was her patient to begin with).

While Arizona is in the hallway, a patient comes in bleeding heavily and Arizona takes care of her with her cart.  In another exam room, Maggie tells the agent about his heart and that he is very high risk for a heart attack. He thought they were just stalling, but Maggie tells him it is very serious. She gives him her plan to open the arteries and they tell him to call whoever he needs. He thanks Bailey and she tells him that she knows there are protocols, but that she needs to know if Sam broke the law. Bursting into the OR, Bailey tells Mer, DeLuca, and Sam that she found out it is all because Sam ran a red light. Bailey says that they will try to fix it. DeLuca says they should run and Mer tells them that they can’t, adding that if Sam runs, she is a criminal and if she’s a criminal she can never practice medicine again.

In the storage closest, Arizona and Carina are talking about the patient who gave birth and how she and the baby are healthy.  Carina adds that the woman who came in bleeding is safe also, and it was because of Arizona’s cart. Arizona says that the cart is the answer to their research for the contest. Carina tells her she is brilliant and Arizona wants to know if Carina is going to move to another country when her research is done. Carina tells Arizona she doesn’t want to leave her. Meanwhile in surgery, Maggie is working to unclog the agent’s arteries.  She tells Bailey that she can leave, but Bailey says she wants to see him through to the end because she diagnosed it. He tells her that he hates his job because he doesn’t know what they are doing sending away people who are working and trying to help people. While he is in surgery, Mer runs into the intern locker room where Sam and DeLuca ar waiting. Mer gives Sam a plane ticket to Switzerland to go to work under Christina in order to save her from getting taken by immigration.

April goes to the chapel and when she walks in, Matt is there. After a moment of silence, he slides over for her to sit with him.  They don’t say anything, but you can tell that he has finally forgiven her for leaving him at the altar. In Kimmy’s old room, Jo goes to sit with Alex. She tells him that she wants to have kids with him after seeing how much he loved and cared for Kimmy. She also asks if she can take his last name, because she has never had the last name of someone who loved her.  In another room, Richard’s sponsor finally passes away and he holds her hand and cries.

Away from the hospital, it is revealed that Owen is at an agency so he can foster to adopt children and back at Grey Sloan, Mer goes to the daycare to get Bailey and Ellis. In the parking lot, DeLuca tells Sam that he is going with her and she tells him that she can’t let him do that. She tells him that she has to go, but he has to stay there before getting in the cab to leave. Maggie comes out of the hospital and tells him that she’s sorry, but he doesn’t say anything and just turns around to go back inside. After seeing this, Maggie goes to Avery’s and tells him that people can’t be with the people they love all over the world. She continues by telling him that she’s mad because he didn’t tell her, not because of what happened. Avery tells her that she has all the power to walk away, but she kisses him before he can finish talking. She tells him that she’s not capable of walking away anymore, which prompts him to admit that he is sorry. Back at the hospital, Richard goes to see Catherine in the conference room and she tells him that she is sorry for his loss. He tells her is is okay, but realizes she is clearly upset so he asks if she is okay. She tells him that no, none of them are because Jackson ruined them.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the eighteenth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 19! Until then!