• Morgan Shearer or Supermom?

    Want to meet someone who just might be crazy enough to take care of 62 new sorority girls? Well, meet the wonderful Morgan Shearer! Morgan is a junior at Elon University as well a helpful, dependable, and caring pledge mom for all of the 62 new members of the Eta Zeta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. Morgan's position has given a sense of love and empowerment to herself as well all of her new "children".

  • Sam Briggs: Living in Mom's Memory

    Sam Briggs's transition to college was a little different for most. On top of a new school, new friends, and new home - she didn't have mom to call back to on a rough day.

  • Michelle Connor: Future Vlogger

    In the current day of iPhones and YouTube, one of the newest trends the internet world loves is vlogging. Vloggers document their lives...

  • Elon's Neighborhoods

    College, an adventure of a lifetime. Those of us who are able to partake understand that college is much more than studying for finals and...

  • Being Gluten Free in College 101

    Just some tips and tricks that have helped me stay gluten free. Different things work for different people so here are just some ideas that you might find benefical!

  • Home for the Holidays

    Nothing can beat going home for the holidays. Whether it’s going home for just a few days for Thanksgiving or for a longer break during...

  • Annie Sullivan: Yoga Guru

    Annie Sullivan Major/Minor: Elementary Education & Adventure Based Learning Hometown: Alexandria,Virginia Why did you join Yoga Club?...

  • Holiday Gifts with #HCSurvivalKits

    Struggling to find those last one or two items to give at a Yankee Swap, at the office party or to your cousin? No fear, once again the #HCSurvivalKits have you covered. In addition to all the goodies in the last kit, here are a few more perfect choices for even the pickiest collegiette on your list:

  • How to be Antisocial

    Let's face it, sometimes you are too busy to hang out with someone and sometimes... you just don't want to. So, here I present a list of...

  • Caitlin Brady: The World Traveler

    Meet Caitlin Brady, a determined, adventurous girl who I’m lucky to have as a friend! I have always been so impressed with her motivation...

  • Holiday Fashion For Less!

    As a college student who barely has enough time to get her homework done, let alone have a job, the holiday season can be a stressful time...

  • Single Pringle

    With the exception of a brief time in high school, I have been single my entire life. Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of...

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