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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

As someone who has a tendency to impulse-buy whatever makeup seems absolutely necessary at the time, I have collected a ton of eyeshadow palettes over the years. Even though I love them all, I have noticed that some colors just look better on my eyelids than others. Considering I’m someone with very dark brown (practically black) hair, quite dark brown eyes and an olive skin tone, it hasn’t been the most difficult process to figure out what colors work for me. Hopefully, I can guide you in the right direction for your makeup looks with some palettes or at least colors that I find look the best!

  • Too Faced Cinnamon Swirl Limited Edition Sweet & Spicy Eyeshadow Palette
    • This specific palette is very new, just in time for the holiday season – and it smells like cinnamon rolls! I adore Too Faced’s eyeshadow palettes because of how amazing they smell (peaches, chocolate, etc.), and their Gingerbread Spice palette that came out several years ago is a go-to of mine. I find that Too Faced’s browns, golds, pinks and purples work very well for my skin-tone and eye color, and their newest palette has it all!
  • Green… trust me!
    • Green has to be my least favorite color for just about everything, but I took a chance by getting the limited time e.l.f. x Chipotle eyeshadow palette back in March. It has two greens, and several shimmery neutral/gold colors that complement each other very well. I was shocked how good different shades of green looked with my brown eyes, so I would encourage you to try it too! A palette with a similar color scheme and price to the Chipotle one that you could buy now is ColourPop’s Tinkerbell Sprinkle a Little Magic palette.
  • Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette
    • I am convinced that everyone needs an Urban Decay Naked palette at some point in their lives, and I think this is the perfect one for brown eyes and fall vibes. Because this palette is so heavily focused on deep shades of pink and brown, every color is incredible to blend and create the perfect looks as the weather gets colder.
  • Stila Cosmetic’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow
    • This was the first and only product I have used for liquid eyeshadow, and I love the reflective effect it has! For this product, I don’t think it even matters what color you get because the texture will just pick up on whatever is around you and you’ll look glamorous regardless. It has a cooling feeling when you apply it, and you can choose to use as little or as much as you want for a more natural or bold look.

Pro tip: try to hold off buying anything until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for a better shot at prices going down!

Ashley is majoring in English Literature and Psychology at Elon University. She is from South Florida and loves to spend time relaxing at the beach! On campus, she serves as Copy Editor for Elon's yearbook and works at Elon's Writing Center. In her free time, you can find her reading thrillers, writing poetry, taking bubble baths, or shopping online!