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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

I’m sure we have all heard of a “hot girl walk” either from Tik Tok or a friend’s Snapchat private story. So what exactly IS a hot girl walk?! The idea is that you walk at a fast pace alone for as many miles as you please. All while only focusing on YOU: your goals, plans to achieve them, things you love about yourself and anything else that clears your mind and elevates self-love. You could play an inspirational podcast, listen to some hot girl music (Meg Thee Stallion and Doja are two of my favorites) or even go no headphones and just enjoy the nature around you. However you want to enjoy your hot girl walk is your choice! 

If you have never gone on a hot girl walk you absolutely must try it out. I have never met someone that did not enjoy it. I myself was big into running all throughout high school and I always had the mindset of “why walk when I can run that same distance in half the time?” And so I never really walked unless it was taking my adorable golden retriever out and about through the neighborhood. I ran so much that I started to develop shin splints and the one good thing that came out of that? Hot girl walks. Running was too painful that I eventually started walking by myself more than I ran. And on these walks is where I had some of my most insightful moments. 

There’s something just so freeing and exhilarating about walking alone and having this independent time with your mind focused strictly on you and your goals. Because you have no other distractions like homework, roommates watching TV or a gym full of fellow students at your school; you don’t feel any sort of influence from unwanted people or places. It’s just you and the outdoors. Taking a walk is one of my favorite activities when I need a break from homework, don’t feel like doing an impactful workout at the gym or need to get my body moving on a Sunday morning after a few late nights. 

I have found that my energy has significantly increased when I start my days with a walk. My head feels more clear and I set my day up to be productive and successful. Not only are there significant mental health advantages but physical health advantages as well. Walking increases cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness which decreases your resting heart rate and thus your risk of heart disease or strokes. It can also lower high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and lower the risk of diabetes. Walking also strengthens your bones and is proven to help you sleep better at night – and who doesn’t love a great night of sleep after a productive day?

So if there is anything you take away from this article it’s that you must try a hot girl walk for yourself. Practice self-love by affirming yourself: you are beautiful, you are on the road to success, you are exactly where you need to be and anything else that builds your confidence. Set goals for yourself, even if it’s just a couple of small ones you want to achieve later in the day: cleaning your room, finishing your book or running errands for your mom. Hold yourself accountable! So get walking hot girl you better have some good sneakers.

I am a sophomore at Elon University studying exercise science, while sharing my love for writing in the form of advice for college students.