Work It Out for Week 6

Exams in college are the worst. There's no denying that fact, and they can be even worst if you're sick, too. It may sound insane, but exercise could do the trick to help get you out of that blah mood. I totally understand the skepticism, but hear me out 'gym haters.'

Waking up earlier than you usually do to squeeze in a quick 40 minute workout can really help elevate your mood and energy level. No gym necessary! There are hundreds of great workout videos and apps, such as the free videos on YouTube from Fitness Blender. Jumping jacks, high knees or even some gut busting abdominal muscle moves will make you glow with strength and endurance.

Another option is taking an Oula or Zumba dance class at the Ritchie center with your gal pals to let loose and burn off your stress. Self care in college is so important and exams are always when your will to take care of your body hits an all time low. So, be proactive and get active to save your sanity and your soul. Good luck out there and kick some #Week6 booty!!