5 Alternative Wellness Practices to Add to Your Daily Grind!

Wellness… the true practice of taking care of one's mind, body and spirit. We all know about eating healthy, working out, vitamins, skincare, and being mindful, but what if these practices aren’t enough? What if there were alternative practices that could help one’s health or even help one “find themselves.” Below are various practices, some may have to be taken more seriously than others, to improve mental health, digestion, circulation, spirituality, and overall wellbeing you can add to your wellness grind.

Image Courtesy of Lisa Hobbs

1. Acupuncture

Through various needles hitting pressure points, this form of alternative wellness can change someone’s digestion and arthritis and has been proven to truly help these issues. Upon trying it personally at West Philly Community Acupuncture, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. After being pricked all over, I could feel my pressure points reacting in a good way and soon it felt like a whole body high. I believed I needed to be pricked for circulation, stress, and digestion due to school and being so busy. I did feel that my digestion actually felt much better right away. 

2.  Crystal Healing

Crystal healing plays into the practice and concept that all things found in nature have vibrations and varying frequencies. With crystals, the way you can tell what you may be lacking with vibrations is from what crystals you’re attracted to when you see them. When I looked at crystals, I was attracted the Citrine, Carnelian, and Ruby. Citrine enhances the body’s innate ability to heal and to detoxify, Carnelian helps in feeling own personal power, and Ruby boosts energy, strengthens immunity, and aids in emotional and physical stability. I’m not sure if they have started working yet, but this practice is definitely something worth exploring to improve well-being. They’re also really pretty to look at!

3.  Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Cards are meant to put one in touch with themselves, higher power and even their future. When I tried this, it actually gave way to a truth in my life I couldn’t really figure out. The card I chose from a deck was the “THE TOWER: Improvement” card. The card explains the need to improve one's “inner home” or spiritual selves and that one should, otherwise they will be forced to under pressure. At that time in my life, the card proved to be very true. This form of alternative wellness may give way to things you know deep down, but are too afraid to face. 

4.  Herbalism

Herbalism, for the most part, is using herbs found in nature for healing and as medicine. In many cases, clients come to herbalists to find a natural cure to issues they are having physically, emotionally or mentally that traditional medicine didn't cure. I own a few of adaptogenic herb supplements and feel they do help to promote calm and well-being. For example, Mucuna Pruriens is an adaptogen promoting brain function, improving well-being, refining sense, and mood, as well as soothing the nervous system. I purchased this item from the brand Sun Potion, a company that specializes in these types of herbs and adaptogen powder. I found this item to really help soothe my anxiety day-to-day and it's as simple as adding it to a coffee or a smoothie. Many of these types of herbs are able to soothe people's issues naturally, which I believe to be greatly beneficial. 

5.  Reflexology

Reflexology, for the most part, is a massage in which pressure points are stimulated and which is supposed to ease circulation throughout the body as well as specific problems like digestion, stress, etc. I came to the realization that it felt like a really good foot massage to me. Personally, I didn’t feel any different the next day or “cleansed” per se. But if one has the extra time and luxury to spend towards getting reflexology, it's definitely worth it because you gain a relaxing thirty-minute massage and calming experience promoting overall well being.