Tips for Staying Healthy at Dickinson College

I’ll be the first person to admit that being healthy in college is something that does not come easily. But I think a large part of that has to do with the limitations that are put on what “being healthy” actually means.  Too often the idea of being healthy is put into a box, left only for those of us who enjoy spending hours in the gym and eating rabbit food that has no taste or personality. This isn’t an article to say that that kind of lifestyle isn’t healthy, rather that there are other options available to us.

After two years at school, it’s safe to say I’m only just scratching the surface for what Dickinson has provided students in order to live healthy lifestyles while at school. However, from what I have learned myself and what my peers have shared with me, this list may be beneficial for those who are just starting to figure it out.

First, let me preface that being healthy isn’t limited to our bodies; it is important that we take the time to have healthy minds as well!

Tips for the Body:

1. Exercise is key.  

Running and cardio are my go-to when it comes to relieving stress during the week.I personally like going to the gym. Whether it’s to get a quick run in before classes or to work on strengthening my core and upper-body, you are most likely to find me in the gym early in the morning or late at night.

 If you like going to the gym but hate crowds, try going prior to 8:30 AM or after 8:30 PM. It tends to be the least crowded then. If you’re more of an afternoon person, between 1:30 and 4:15 is also a very prime time to avoid fighting over the equipment

The gym is more of a judgement free zone than most people realize- If you want to try your hand at weightlifting, THERE IS NO REASON TO BE AFRAID OF THE “GYM-BROS”. They just want to get their workouts in like everybody else.

 2. Not a fan of the gym?

Don’t Worry! Another great way to get a good workout in is to take a group fitness class! There are a variety of options to choose from, from spin class and BodyBlast, to Zumba and Yoga or Pilates! Most classes meet at least twice a week and it’s a great way to unwind from the day. (ALSO- If you’re looking to complete your gym credit, most fitness classes can be done in place of one ½ credit gym course)

For when you get sick:

Nobody likes to get sick, especially when they are away from home, and the Wellness Center is great for making sure that we have everything we need to fight whatever comes our way. Whether it’s a flu shot (REGISTER TO GET ONE IN OCTOBER IN THE FORMS SECTION OF GATEWAY) or a cold remedy kit, the Wellness center has what you need. There is also the opportunity to get tested for STI’S and STD’S, every Tuesday during common hour, which is an important part to a happy and healthy sex life!

Tips for Mental Health and Nutrition: 

The Wellness Center is not only limited to things regarding the body, they also offer great resources for the mind as well.

1. Nutritional Services: 

  One of the options available to us is the opportunity to speak to a nutritionist. Speaking to a nutritionist is a great way to overcome the challenges connected with new forms of diets as a result from being away from the home cooked meals we are very used to.

2. Mental Health:             

 The change from being at home for 18 or so years to living on your own is often a challenging one and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help when you need it.

  The Wellness Center offers group and individual therapy sessions that can be scheduled in advance and offered at a frequency that best fits your schedule here at school (this includes meeting once a week, once every two weeks, so on and so forth). There is also an opportunity for walk-in appointments for when you just need a quick chat.

Counseling sessions include: Deep Breathing, Mediation, & Mindfulness Group, Interpersonal Process Group, Anxiety and Stress Management Group, a group for students who are returning from abroad, Psychiatric Services, and a multitude of other services that students may need help with while at school.