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How to Use Your Zodiac Sign to Choose Your Workout Class

Paying for a workout class and then finding out it doesn’t mesh with you and what you want out of exercise is the worst. The way we choose to exercise is intrinsically tied to our personalities, because what we’re like impacts how we want to move our bodies. So, instead of wasting your time trying out a bunch of workout classes that may not fit who you are, try choosing one based off of your zodiac sign. This will give you a better sense of what fits you without having to try the class first.


Aquarius: Boot Camp

You’re an intelligent and friendly person who prioritizes honesty in your relationships, both romantic and platonic. You are loyal to the people you let into your life and you expect the same from them in return. However, you don’t want your loyalty to come at the expense of your freedom; it is important for you to maintain independence in your relationships. Because of this clashing dynamic, you can sometimes come across as unemotional and detached as you attempt to maintain your freedom. Boot Camp is the workout class for you because it requires strong commitment while offering a variety of types of exercises. You’ll never feel too tied down, because boot camp allows you to stay loyal to a workout class and keep a consistent schedule while changing up your exercise every so often.


Pisces: Aerial Yoga

You have a great imagination that allows you to use your sensitive side to empathize with issues people are dealing with. Because of that, you are someone that people come to when they’re feeling down. Your compassion and kindness ensure you prioritize looking out for those you care about. And you always seem to be adding to the list of people you care about. People are drawn to your magnetic and kind personality. But sometimes, because of your kindness, people try to take advantage of you. You are easily hurt by others and so you avoid conflict by idealizing situations and using escapism to rest from your everyday life. Aerial yoga is the workout class for you because it gives you a set time to do just that – escape for a little bit. Aerial yoga combines yoga, pilates, and dance to become the most ethereal workout imaginable. It does all of this while using a hammock that gives you a feeling of floating and escaping into a weightless world, where all your stressors disappear.


Aries: Crossfit

You are adventurous and energetic. You seek out new and exciting opportunities with confidence. The perfect combination of driven and a free spirit, you’re enthusiastic about all the possibilities in front of you. And you don’t shy away from them, even when you’re stepping into unfamiliar territory. On the contrary, it’s where you thrive. But your drive comes with a quick-temper that can sometimes drive rifts in the relationships in your life. It’s time to burn some of that wild energy, Aries, so take a crossfit class! Crossfit is perfect for you, because it’s high-intensity and combines a variety of elements from different sports and workouts, ensuring you’ll get a full body workout that uses up a lot of your extra energy every time.



Taurus: Barre

You, Taurus, are the definition of calm and caring. Your calmness helps you navigate your relationships in a patient and reliable manner, making you the friend everyone goes to when they need advice that looks at the whole situation. Your caring nature makes you a warmhearted and loving friend, ensuring that advice is exactly the kind of support your friends are looking for. You take the time to think through the whole situation, making sure your outlook is complete (though it may take a while to get to). You are love steeped in time and repetition. But your determination to take the time, and repeat where necessary, to get to the right solution, can sometimes make you a bit bull-headed. Barre is the workout for you because it combines the calm and gentle exercise moves of yoga, dance, and pilates with persistent strength training. You’ll find the combination of pushing yourself to the edge of your strength abilities with calming and centering exercises keeps you in perfect balance.


Gemini: Interval Training

As a Gemini, you love to surround yourself with people and share your thoughts and ideas with them. This fits perfectly because you are a social butterfly. You are most yourself when you’re around others. People want to make you the center of attention and when you are, you absolutely shine. But just like the twin sign that represents Gemini, your personality can change from moment to moment. Interval training is the perfect exercise for you, because it allows you to change up your exercise as your mood changes.  With interval training, you’ll (often) switch between two activities to get your exercise. The differences between the activities are often dependent upon speed. It’s also a great exercise to do with others, which will be perfect when you want to exercise with your friends and get in a bit more socialization (or maybe even make some exercise friends!).


Cancer: Kickboxing

Loving and imaginative, you are absolutely in touch with your feelings. You know how to care about people in a way that makes their heart warm, and you aren’t afraid to show it. Your heart is so full and capable of so much love that sometimes it feels like it might burst from caring so much. But, on occasion, you can let your emotions get the best of you, making you a bit overprotective of those you care about. Work out some of that extra energy with a kickboxing class and literally punch and kick your way to finding your calm center. A form of martial arts, kickboxing is a combination of boxing and karate and involves a lot of kicking (and a bit of punching too). So, take a bit of time to work out that extra energy so you can go back to being the loving friend everyone needs in their life.


Leo: Hot Yoga

You are generous and warmhearted, and it shows when you let out your creative side. Whatever creative execution you’re engaging in, you do so with a love and passion that comes from deep within you. You love deeply and enthusiastically, allowing you to get the most out of every activity and interaction you care about. You make those around you feel cared for and valued. Being around you is like constantly being enveloped in a warm hug. So, make your workout a warm hug by trying out hot yoga. You’ll fall in love with this unique exercise that takes traditional yoga and does it in warm temperatures. Hot yoga has unique benefits to regular yoga, too. It can allow you to get a deeper stretch and improve your form more quickly. You may find yourself enthusiastically loving the unique benefits hot yoga has to offer.


Virgo: Cardio

Some people may call you shy, but you know there’s more to it than that. You have a small number of close people who you think of as your core friends and who you will go to the ends of the earth for. And you’re modest, because you know you can let your accomplishments speak for themselves. You act with practicality in mind and don’t let the thoughts of others get to you. So you need a practical exercise you can do on your own. It can’t be showy, just something that gets you the exercise you know you need, without feeling like you have to let everyone know what you’re up to with a gym selfie. Cardio is the best exercise for you. As one of the most straightforward and to-the-point exercises you can do, cardio gets the job done every time. Run as much or as little as you want, and do it at your own pace, without anyone else’s opinion playing a part in your exercise.



Libra: Pilates

You attract friends and prospective lovers in droves with your charming and sociable personality. You’re the center of attention, and it isn’t because of some superficial reason; it’s because people love you easygoing and amiable nature. You don’t sweat the little things which lets you see the best in almost every situation. A low-intensity exercise class like pilates fits you best because it lets you remain relaxed and even-tempered while furthering your ability to be flexible (both literally and figuratively). Pilates strengthens muscles while improving flexibility and posture. You’ll have the opportunity to improve yourself at your own pace and with a class that lets you stay true to your easy-going nature.


Scorpio: Boxing

Passionate about all you do and determined to get it right no matter how long it takes, you, Scorpio, are driven by your goals. You throw yourself into your latest passion and will put in whatever you need to achieve your latest objective. When you decide you want to accomplish something, nothing can set you off that path. But sometimes your goals won’t require all of that fire, and so you’ll need to let go of that pent-up energy somehow. Boxing is the perfect exercise for you, because it gives you the opportunity to let it all out. Punch until you wear yourself out, and you’ll be ready for all the energy you’ll have for tomorrow’s goals.


Sagittarius: Zumba

Optimistic to a fault, you are an open book. You always let your personality shine through and never cover it up with any pretending. You care about considering the unanswered questions of life, and while you may not necessarily come up with an answer, you recognize that it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. You value honesty and prefer when people are clear and upfront with you, even if it’s about something negative. Your perfect workout class is Zumba because you want the freedom to move as you choose while getting your exercise. You need to feel the music and the sensation of dance in order to feel truly fulfilled by your choice of exercise. Because in order to draw value from the exercise you’re doing, you need to know you love it.


Capricorn: Spinning

You are ambitious, but you aren’t afraid to play the slow game and do what you need to in order to make your goals a reality. You’re here to get results, no matter how much work it takes. Your disciplined nature helps you to break down your efforts into executable goals with checkpoints along the way. But you also understand when a desire isn’t practical, and you know when to stop yourself from heading down a fruitless path. Choosing to take a spinning class will save you the time of having to consider your path. A high-intensity workout that takes place on stationary bikes, spinning classes are the perfect exercise for those who are disciplined in making sure they do the work to achieve their goals. You’ll find that in your efforts to stay in shape and add an exercise class to your schedule, spinning just makes sense.

Margaret is a Marketing student in her final year at DePaul University. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, volunteering, attending live theatre performances, and training for races.
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