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Astrological Analysis of HCCU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Picture this: it’s spring semester 2022. You’ve just joined a new club, Her Campus, and you’re intrigued by everything, maybe a little confused, but mostly you are excited. As you should be! Her Campus CU Boulder is an elite-level (read: top 15 in the country) chapter within Her Campus Media, an international publication for collegiate students with over 350 chapters. But it’s not just a resume-boosting creative outlet, it’s a fun club on campus for Buffs who want to bond with others.

You may be wondering about some of the people you’re going to meet at our meetings this semester, and I am happy to share some details about us via the power of astrology! I like reading about the signs, planets, houses, and more, so feel free to grab me at a meeting for the whole speech. For now, I want to introduce you to the fabulous folks of HCCU first by talking about modalities and second by investigating our sister signs.

Multi-Modal Exec Team

This year our group is being spearheaded by this group of leaders, jokesters, and collaboration queens.

Both of our Editors-in-Chief this year are Fixed Signs, so let’s start strong with a rundown on modalities. Maeve and Masha are an Aquarius and a Taurus respectively, meaning they both represent stabilizing and trustworthy energy. Their natural inclination for managing and coordinating has been so important to our club! New exec member Mackenzie is also a Taurus making this trio stable, reliable, and grounded.

We also have a lot of Scorpios in HCCU, including four on our exec team. Meet Jordyn, Courtney, Anna, and Kaitland! We are not surprised that two of our stellar editors are here, making the magic happen. These four ladies are the experts at taking our brilliant ideas and seeing them through.

The second modality in the zodiac are the Cardinal Signs, who begin each season in nature and in life—they like to go first, be first, start the party, spot the trend. Having leaders like Libra Alia and Aries Mariana ensures that the squad will always be hyped up and the vibes will be stellar (pun intended). Cancers Genevieve and Katie bring great ideas and a loving spirit to everything they touch. Having Cardinal Signs at the table is not only a recipe for a good time, it means we are setting amazing goals and celebrating ourselves.

Last but most definitely not least are the Mutable Signs. If the Cardinal Signs brainstormed it and the Fixed Signs made it happen, you can count on a Mutable Sign to take a closer look and elevate the plan to perfection. Their adaptable, innovative, and multi-talented energy is so needed to keep our work moving forward and to maintain our elite-level status. I shudder to think of where we would be without Virgo Marita’s efforts to get us to #1. Like true water and fire, the Pisceans and Sagittarians of our exec team are perfectly complementary and supportive in their own ways. Ella and Gennah swim alongside us in perfect harmony while adventurers Stephanie and Samantha keep us on our toes and smiling.

It Takes Two

All of the signs have another sign who is across the wheel from them, making six pairs of Sister Signs. Just like how sisters and friendships are without bringing in astrology, having someone so similar-yet-different from you can cause friction, but it can also be a huge motivator and supportive force in your life. I’m going to give a snapshot of some of the sister signs you’ll meet at HCCU this semester so you know who to say hey to at meetings.

Aries & Libra

These two Cardinal Signs have very different approaches to their big dreams. A fiery Aries might benefit from a lesson on diplomacy and kindness from a Libra like Jenny, who in turn might need to indulge in a bit of impulsivity from time to time. Both of these signs are sociable and loyal friends with wild child energy and plenty of stories.

Taurus & Scorpio

The Bull and the Scorpion complement each other’s desire to avoid conflict and opposite but equally satisfying ideas of “chill.” Friends like Taurus Aarushi are definitely going to pick up your panicked 2 AM phone call, but they might be thinking “I told you so” while you’re venting about the same problem from last time. And Scorpios Julia and Maya have already cyber-stalked your new crush before you remembered to ask.

Gemini & Sagittarius

Can you believe that our friendly Sagittarians like Sydney don’t have any sister signs in HCCU yet? This is a tragedy because Geminis are curious and hilarious philosophers and the perfect travel buddy for a wayward Sag. The unfiltered passion from both of these signs makes them both formidable and fantastic with opinions and humor flying left and right.

Cancer & Capricorn

I am so sad to report that in addition to Geminis, we also don’t have any Capricorns to balance out us Cancers! I am: a crab. Seeking: my goat buddy to help get me up the rest of this mountain. I’m the intuitive, emotional sap, and a Cap is a great partner in all things practical and steady. We keep each other moving forward without abandoning our heartfelt desires and values.

Leo & Aquarius

Roaring like a lion might work for Hannah, but Bdeeha’s tranquil spirit is just as powerful. This friendship is so supportive and loving, both to oneself and to the collective. Aquarians are such good team players and want what’s best for everyone that sometimes they forget themselves. A good Leo friend is very knowledgeable about this and can remind their sister to get real about the most important relationship there is: how much you love yourself.

Virgo & Pisces

These two Mutable Signs have their own special brands of magic. Precise and pragmatic Virgo knows how important orderly routines are, but they might get a little stuck at times. A dreamy, empathetic Pisces like Isabel can be a good friend reminding their pal that imagination and play are just as special and helpful in how we grow as adults.

tl;dr HCCU is magical

By the numbers, our members are majority water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) and we have a slight majority of Fixed Signs. What does this mean for our recruitment goals? We need more Cardinal Signs for sure, as well as Geminis and Capricorns like I highlighted above. All of the 12 signs bring something unique and beautiful to their environments; our garden is amazing and full of blossoming treasures and possibilities. If you ever want to gush over what makes your placements special, my DMs are open, and I hope to meet you at an HCCU meeting very soon!

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