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Spring is here. And with spring I always find myself with a rush of new emotions and feelings. As the flowers are blooming, it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed with school work and the impending summer. It’s crucial to find the confidence to get out of your head and to enjoy each day as winter melts away. Here are some areas to focus on to be feeling your best, most confident self by the time summer rolls around.


Retail therapy is real! And so is having a few pieces or figuring out a style that works for you. In the era of TikTok and Instagram and so much social media, people are constantly posting outfit ideas and changing their style. Finding some influencers on Instagram and taking style info from them has been an awesome way for me to find new pieces or looks I want to try. The same goes for hairstyle, maybe what you have been doing forever isn’t making you feel your best! Check out Pinterest or other Instagram pages for tips on styling different hair types with face shapes. When looking for new clothing, try shopping sustainably. Poshmark is an awesome option. There are so many great barely used or new pieces of clothing to buy once you find out what style you want to go for. Everlane, Pact, and Girlfriend Collective are my favorite reasonably-priced sustainable companies right now.

Social media control

This sounds cliché, but you control who you are seeing and what you are seeing for the most part. Social media is a huge part of our life now, and while it can be unreasonable for some to straight-up delete certain platforms, you deserve to unfollow. It is just a button! We have made such a big deal out of following or unfollowing but trust your gut. If you unfollow someone and it makes your life better, then it will ultimately improve your confidence because less brain space is being taken up thinking about a negative thing you saw on social media.

Exercise for your brain and body

Exercise is the number one thing to improve your mood, but that doesn't mean you need to go on a huge run or get super sweaty. Giving yourself ten minutes to stretch or to lay on the floor and meditate will ultimately increase your brain power and confidence because you have given yourself time to only focus on yourself. Lately, I have been super into walking. It is a great time to plug in a podcast, your favorite music, or just listen to the sounds of the outdoors as you take some time to feel the earth beneath you and get those negative/anxious/stressful thoughts out. But put in the time to find a sweat that you love!! It will pay off. Take some classes at the athletic center (like cycle and tone! Or yoga!) to find something that will help you feel your best.


This has been a life-changer for me. Finding a podcast to listen to when I am not in the mood for music is huge. It is a little soundtrack of confidence with life tips or fun ideas, interesting talks, or daily news reviews. Finding a podcast you like to listen to when you get ready in the morning, on your mind-clearing walk, or any time you need an unplug break will help you reach your highest potential and help you help your brain to feel its best. Some of my favorite confidence podcasts are UNF*UCK YOUR BRAIN by Kara Loewentheil, Hey, girl by Alex Elle, and The Daily Shine (for a little daily motivation).

Self-love is the most important. In episode 143: Radical Self-Love & Self-Care from UNF*UCK YOUR BRAIN, Kara Loewentheil says “You will always accept love from other people that matches the love you have for yourself.” If you can do some or all of these things for yourself and give yourself a little more love, you will head into summer shining and feeling proud and good.

Georgia is a current Junior at Colby and is from Maine! She's double majoring in English and Anthropology. You can probably find her in Bixler, by Johnson pond, or doing anything fun outside:)
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