How to Conquer Your Fitness Goals

The gym can be intimidating, confusing, and overall a daunting place; even just starting to think about what you want to do and accomplish there can scare you away from walking in. And if you do go, chances are you’ll stick to the treadmill or the “lady weights” even though you’ve really been wanting to try out the stepmill or wander into the weight room.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

The gym should not seem like a scary place, and it really isn’t! However, I know that getting over “gym phobia” and gym intimidation is so real, so here’s some rules that I’ve personally used to get in the gym and get sh*t done.

1. Plan your workouts

This is usually called a workout “split” if your focus is lifting weights. Depending on how often you’d like to work out, you can base your split off of specific muscles (5-6 day split), actions/movements (3-4 day split), and body regions (2-3 day split). If you’re interested in cardio, you could try to make a split with different styles, such as running, climbing stairs, HIIT, etc.

2. Review your goals and progress on a frequent basis.

Naturally, as you make progress in the gym, your goals will change. For example, if your original goal was to lose weight through cardio and you’re happy with how you feel now, try challenging yourself and picking up some heavy weights! Don’t forget to be super proud of yourself!

3. Consistency is key.

Consistency includes setting specific times to get your workout in, sticking to your plan, and being aware of progression. As long as you stay determined, you’ve got this.


4. Quality over quantity

Don’t feel like you have to work out for two hours every single day. A solid hour-long workout a few times a week will be much more effective. Having 3-4 short and successful workouts throughout the week will do your body so much more good! Also, make sure you give your body time to rest in between sessions. A good rule of thumb is to wait a day before working out the same body part.

5. Ask for help

If you don’t know what a piece of equipment is or how to use it, ask. If you don’t know where something is located, ask. Any other questions you have, ask! The gym staff are there to help you, and I’d bet that the person on the bench next to you wouldn’t mind helping out either.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

This is the most important gym rule, in my opinion. Comparison will kill your attitude and progress. Have respect and even admiration for those who can lift heavier or run faster or whatever your goal is, but please be proud of yourself for your progress and your body.

Above all, remember that every person is at the gym for the same reason: to better themselves. Your fitness goals are personal, just as are everyone else’s. With these rules in mind, get in there, crush it and be proud walking out.