20 Calming Gifs to Soothe Your Stress

As school starts ramping up and the stress of a new semester starts to pile on, it can be hard to calm yourself down. With running to class and doing your homework and all the other things college brings, it’s not always easy to find the time to sit and meditate or do yoga when you need it.


One easy way to chill in the five minutes between classes can be small, soothing gifs, whether to help you regulate breathing, move your eye, or simply calm the mind. While they’re popular online for people with anxiety or panic attacks, they’re also great for a few extra seconds of chill to center yourself for a presentation. Here are 20 of my favorites!


  1. Rubber Duck


  1. Blowing Bubbles


  1. Circular Raindrops


  1. Swimming Squid


  1. Happy Cat

  1. Circling Seagulls

  1. Wavy Field


  1. Swirling Circles


  1. Blooming Flowers


  1. Nighttime Island

  1. Shining Sun

  1. Spinning Orcas


  1. Shifting Colors


  1. Hanging Garden

  1. Tech Network


  1. Nesting Circles


  1. Blue and Yellow


  1. Cutting Down


  1. Glowing Trunk


  1. Diving Swallow

Hopefully these gifs help to calm you down, and I wish you the best on everything you have to do! Have a calming day <3