How to Stay LESS Stressed During Midterms Season

Midterms season is upon us, and that can mean only one thing: STRESS. But here are some ways to destress, or at least stay less stressed.


Deep breathing exercises. Although these can seem pointless or a waste of time, they actually do help. By being more conscious of our breathing, we can reduce stress and better manage negative emotions. Deep breathing not only encourages full oxygen exchange, but also relaxes your muscles and releases endorphins. So next time you sense your breaths quickening and heart rate increasing, take a minute to breathe in and out. Follow this gif for deep breathing, and you’re one step closer to improving your overall well-being.

Eat regularly. This may seem obvious, but don’t skip meals to cram for that next midterm. Instead, take a break and have a meal with a friend. Have snacks when you’re feeling hungry, and don’t push through just to answer three more questions on a study guide. It is much more important to get the nutrients, and brainfood you need to give you the energy to keep studying and feel healthy amidst the craziness of midterms.

Take breaks. When you’re no longer focusing, or can’t remember when you started studying, take some time to recharge and get your mind off of school. Watch an episode of your favorite show. Read your favorite book. Take a Buzzfeed quiz. Do anything that will take your mind off of midterms, and this should alleviate some of your stress. It’s important to pace out your studying, and break it up with some fun free time! Take it from SpongeBob.

Call your family and friends. To take your mind off studying, call your loved ones - at home or wherever they may be. Talking to family or friends is a good way to talk about things unrelated to school, or to rant about everything that is related to school. Either way, catch up with them and learn all about what’s happening in their worlds.

SLEEP. A great way to not get too overwhelmed is to sleep. Although it may feel like cramming for your midterms until 5am is a better idea than sleeping, it’s really not. It’s important to take care of yourself and give your body the sleep it deserves.


Although following these tips may not guarantee straight A’s on your midterms, it will help you to take care of yourself and destress during midterms szn. Just remember, YOU, and taking care of yourself, are what’s important, not how much you can cram for a test.