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What are the benefits of doing outside sports?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Keeping both mental and physical health in good shape is a challenging task, but one of the options to achieve it is through exercise. Have you considered doing this outside, while experiencing contact with nature? Do you know what are the differences that outdoor fitness practices can bring to your life quality?

The benefits

It’s a fact that training not only brings results to your physical appearance but also improves mental health. The physiotherapist Bianca Basso pointed out that  training can reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, in addition to improving physical performance. Unlike gyms, outdoor spaces offer a different landscape that can inspire creativity, motivation and give the calmness that daily routine could not provide. Either it’s the sight of plants, the sound of birds or the movement of people, nature has a way of distracting our mind from problems.

The personal trainer Stella Cunha, on the other hand,  reminds us that outside exercise also helps prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems in general. Outdoor training can be the time  that you spend in contact with green spaces, preventing breathing problems that pollution increases each day.

Outside X Inside

Stella Cunha states that “in terms of training, there is no difference”. The distinction between both options is what can be done in each area. Indoor activities typically involve individual practices, while outdoor exercises can be performed in a group at a local public space.

Socialization is an important aspect that spending time in open air spaces offers. The social aspect not only intensifies motivation but also cultivates a support network that reinforces commitment to fitness goals.

What kind of practices can be done?

It’s a fact that, even without the machines offered by the gym, there are tons of physical activities that can be done. Yoga, running, biking, or paddling are some of the choices that you could make.

For those wanting to implement a daily workout routine outdoors, there are several options. “The absence of equipment can be tackled with certain strategies. You can use elastic bands, Total-Body Resistance Exercise (TRX), which is portable, or calisthenics exercises to intensify your training. If you don’t have these accessories, you can do squats, push-ups, jumps or running,” suggests Stella.

“Different types of exercises can be carried out, thanks to various government projects and business actions”, Bianca Basso talks about the outdoor gym created by the City Hall – in São Paulo – with the goal of preventing a sedentary lifestyle and promoting accessibility, especially for the less fortunate. The equipment comes with instruction plates for those who don’t have a clue about how they operate.


The article above was edited by Ana Beatriz Aith.

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