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Here are 8 recent sitcoms to watch in your free time

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With puns and jokes, laughter at unexpected moments, sudden noises, and set improvisations, sitcoms are comedy series that follow their characters’ daily lives.

Focused on friendship and the difficulties of adult life taken with sarcasm and irony, the Friends series is one of the most expressive and can be mentioned as a pioneer for the sitcom boom. Over the years, some aspects of the genre have begun to change, and some of these details are easier to spot than others. One of these aspects was the end of the live audience, as in The Office, Modern Family, and Brooklyn 99

There’s nothing better than spending your free time watching good quality series that make you laugh a lot. Here’s a list with the seven most recent ones for you to add to your checklist, especially for the weekend.


One of the most acclaimed series currently deserves our first place on the list. With three seasons, and the fourth coming soon, this TV show follows the daily lives of a group of teachers at a public school in Philadelphia. 

Throughout the series, we see how passionate this group is about their work and how difficult it is to work within a system that interferes with the inner workings instead of helping. With a memorable and award-winning cast, this series is already in our hearts. 

It is available to Star+ streaming subscribers.


An original Netflix production, this series takes place in the city of Indiana and tells the experiences of a black family. Living in the suburbs, this family goes through several difficulties, but they deal with everything with lots of love and companionship. The cast includes Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps, the stars and executive producers of the TV show. 

All of the three seasons are available on Netflix.


A little suspense within a sitcom is exactly what this series offers. Ghosts is a 2021 series that has three seasons already underway. The plot revolves around a couple who inherit a huge rural property and decide to build an inn on the site. However, they didn’t expect some unexpected tenants to show up there. 

The series is available on Paramount+ and Prime Video.


A spin-off of the classic That ’70s Show, which brings its essence but also with elements that take us back to the 1998 series. Some characters return for big appearances throughout the series, but with a new and younger plot in this spin-off. 

The show has only one season and is available on Netflix.


Created by the same director as Modern Family, this sitcom follows a group of writers who want to remake a series launched a few years ago, however, the main difficulty is working with the original actors, as the atmosphere of tension runs throughout the set. 

The series has only one season and is available on Star+.


Many say that this show managed to bring back the meaning of sitcoms to the present day. It’s a series that takes place behind the scenes of a trial and combines the genres of true crime and comedy. 

As much as there is this seriousness in dealing with crimes and delicate subjects, the creators choose to bring out the humanized and gentle side of the characters and a lot of improvisation throughout the episodes. 

It has only one season and is available to Prime Video subscribers.


Speaking of second chances, GIRLS5EVA follows a 90s music group that gets another shot at fame when their music is sampled by a young rapper. The series’ main characters are the four women of the band, and throughout the episodes, they try to bring their lives back to fame. 

The series currently has three seasons and is available on Netflix.


To finish on a high note, Ted Lasso was one of the greatest shows in 2023. The Emmy nominee follows the life of an American football coach, who’s hired to train a football team in England. In addition to the drama, the show has a very sentimental and overcoming side when it comes to sports and life in general. 

With three seasons, the series is available on Apple TV+.

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The article above was edited by Beatriz Oliveira.

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