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Goodbye, “Brooklyn 99”: Remember 10 Iconic Moments Of One Of The Most Loved Sitcoms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Our beloved sitcom “Brooklyn 99” came to an end with 8 seasons, and obviously, fans have already started to say goodbye to this iconic tv show. Her Campus Casper Libero selected some of the best moments just for you!

  1. Halloween Episodes

Episodes: ​​(1×06; 2×04; 3×05; 4×05; 5×04; 6×16; 7×11)

A tradition in the series since the first season, the Halloween episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have become some of the most expected and loved by the viewers. There is always a competition at the police station, usually led by the characters Jake and Holt, and in which the other detectives also participate.

Besides the competition, which always crowns someone as “an amazing detective/genius,” there are also other distinguishing features of the production’s Halloween episodes, such as Boyle’s costumes that no one but him can understand what they are. 

  1. Holt’s Arrival

Episode: 1×01

The first scene of the series, Jake complains about the arrival of a new captain at the police station, calls the captain a robot and imitates him to everyone, Holt arrives right behind him in the middle of the joke, we can clearly see how much Peralta wanted to hide under the table in embarrassment after that.

  1. I Want It That Way

Episode: 5×17

The episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine always begin, even before the opening of the production, with a funny little sketch. Although they are usually not so related to the story of the episode, these opening scenes help to put the viewer in the mood of the series, and get a laugh out of the fans.

One example of this is the most iconic scene in the series that everyone loves, where Jake is interrogating a line of suspects, he asks the suspects to sing the Backstreet Boys’ hit I Want It The Way, he gets excited by the song and totally forgets about the interrogation.

  1. Rosa Comes Out Bisexual

Episode: 5×09, 5×10

B99 was very praised for its representativeness, where it has addressed homophobia several times and most memorable was when Rosa came out as bi to her friends who supported her, it was very touching!

  1. Jake And Amy

Episode:  2×23

Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduces, during its seasons, several love relationships between the characters. One of the most endearing relationships was the one between Jake and Amy, which began at the end of the second season. During the series, their relationship went through several remarkable moments, whether emotional or funny. 

However, one of the viewers’ favorites is precisely the detectives’ first kiss. Jake and Amy were working on a case, disguised as a couple, when they had to kiss to avoid being discovered. From then on, they started a real relationship that only evolved throughout the series. The evolution of Peraltiago’s relationship is one of the best parts of the series, and their dynamic makes them one of the best couples in TV history.

  1. Approaching #MeeToo

The series has never avoided addressing serious and important issues, such as sexual harassment in the workplace, something experienced by countless women around the world, including the character Amy

  1. Title Of You Sex Tape

Our king of inappropriate jokes, isn’t he? Jake decided to use double entendre phrases to title inappropriate videos of Amy, and this became a habit and one of the most striking phrases in the series.

  1. More Serious Issues

Episode: 4×16

Despite its focus on comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine also finds room to explore more serious themes. In these moments, the series manages to explore important issues that need to be discussed, but without forgetting the humor. This is one of the aspects of the production that allows fans to identify with the characters.

Thus, B99 addresses issues such as racism, harassment, and homophobia in its episodes. One example is when the character Terry is stopped on the street by a police officer at night just for being black, and Jake and Amy have the mission to explain to the sergeant’s daughters why this happened. 

  1. Triple Oh Damn

Episode: 5×14

Questioning a murder suspect, Jake and Holt are at a loss. Then Peralta tricks the criminal into confessing to the crime, impressing his captain.

  1. Jake And Boyle

One of the nicest friendships in B99, they are Jake and Charles Boyle who are usually always in great harmony. One example we can give of this is when Boyle creates a song out of nowhere and Peralta manages to keep up with his friend. Seriously, I love a friendship!

If you haven’t watched season 8 yet, run and review the entire series to remember the best moments we just showed you!

The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo.

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