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As a huge Modern Family fan, I can proudly say I have binged every episode in each season. Through each season, every character becomes more lovable and memorable with their ups and downs. My personal favorite being Haley because there are so many moments where I understand what she is going through as I continue to grow into womanhood. Without further ado, here are my favorite/funniest episodes from each season.

Season 1: Airport (1-22)

Disrupting Jay’s vacation, the whole family is together about to fly to Hawaii. While Phil and Mitch are pressed for time to make it back to the airport before the flight leaves, Claire is battling her fear of being in the air. I love this episode solely because of the chaos throughout the whole episode.

Season 2: Princess Party (2-15)

“Princess Party” is another chaotic episode that brings in actress Shelly Long as Claire and Mitch’s mother “Dede”. Dede stirs up a lot of trouble for her daughter Claire (especially when she introduces an “old friend” back into Claire’s life). The best part of the episode comes into play at the finale when the whole family gets together to celebrate Lily’s first birthday.

Season 3: Aunt Mommy (3-15)

“Aunt Mommy” makes me laugh every time. A drunken conversation turn into an awkward one between Claire, Phil, Cam, and Mitch. Claire, who is Mitch’s sister, offers to donate one of her eggs, so Cam and Mitch can have a baby that’s half Pritchett half Tucker. This causes a lot of weird feelings, and a memorable moment for the two siblings.

Season 4: Fulgencio (4-13)

“Fulgencio” introduces us to Gloria’s side of the family. After Gloria has Jay’s baby, the family is preparing for the Christening of the child. Jay and Gloria’s mother butt heads over the name choice for the baby while Phil butts heads with others in his life.

Season 5: The Wedding (5-23, 24)

“The Wedding” is the finale of season 5. I love these two episodes with my whole heart, because of how well they were written. In the episodes, no one seems to escape under pressure situations. When Cam and Mitch are finally getting their dream wedding day, it seems as though anything that could go wrong, goes wrong. It is a series of unfortunate events that eventually plays out at the end. This episode brings tears to my eyes; I could watch it a thousand times if I haven’t already.

I absolutely love these episodes of Modern Family and I would recommend them to anyone who considers watching the show! Ultimately, Modern Family was a show that started as something my family, and I continue to put it on every now and then. It cheers me up and brings back so many memories throughout the years. If you haven’t watched it already, give it a try! You might find your new favorite show.

Vivienne Hughes

Illinois State '22

A future author for HER Campus! I love to focus around mental, physical, and emotional wellness, and all topics in are current day and age.