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If you are a fashion fan, you obviously know that music festivals are a true runway! The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was created in 1999 and it has become known for its fashion as much as its music.

Through the years, especially recently, most people started taking outfit planning really seriously. The “Coachella Fashion” became a big thing and influencers around the world are obsessed with being “in trend”. Every year it’s a surprise what people will wear, however, it’s amazing to look back in time and see how different the looks are, depending on when they were worn. So, here is throwback to Coachella’s style through the years!

Early 2000’s 

Everything started very basic! People opted for wearing the normal summer look. Bikini tops and mini denim skirts were what appeared the most. Besides, some funky pieces and extremely big accessories were also a hit. For the guys, simple shorts and no shirt did the trick. 

2010 to 2019

During the 2010s, Coachella was already super popular and many celebrities were attending. The 2016 vibe dominated the outfits with graphic t-shirts, denim shorts, big pattern lace and specially, hats. Besides that, the maxi accessories were also really used and, let’s not forget the sunglasses with colored lenses. Artists like Selena Gomez, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were the most famous people at the time and all of them followed the same style. 


Due to Covid-19, Coachella didn’t happen in 2020 and 2021 but made a huge comeback in 2022. In this era, the festival became a fight of who was dressed better so, obviously, the outfits were way more elaborate. Matching sets, bold prints, fringe and lots of colors were trending at the time. Besides that, oversized looks and cowboy boots appeared a lot on the influencers outfits. 


We are back to the basics! In last year’s edition, people decided to wear casual fits. Flowy dresses, any denim piece and sheer fabrics were what appeared the most. Besides that, cute hair accessories like little bows and also famous body chains were everywhere. 


The most recent edition was full of cowboy hats and boots and brought back the “country” side of the festival. Other than that, the crochet trend dominated the 2024 outfits. Following some of last year’s style, the sheer and flowing fabrics also made an appearance. 

possibilities to 2025

To this day, people use Coachella as an excuse to dress up extra fashionable. Through the years, the style changed, but each edition had its own incredible vibe. For next year, my prediction is more of a folk vibe. I also think we’ll be seeing the cowboy boot trend again, but who knows, right? I guess we will have to wait until 2025 to find out!


The article above was edited by Anna Maria Prado.

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