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‘Cowboy Carter’-Core Outfits Are Popping Off On TikTok & I’m Obsessed

Beyoncé has done the impossible: she’s made me like country music. Queen Bey has repeatedly left us all gagged with the cowboy-inspired outfits she’s worn throughout 2024 so far. With Bey’s eighth studio album Cowboy Carter officially out (I stayed up late listening to it for three hours), I won’t judge if you want to partake in the rising popularity of the cowboy aesthetic, especially on TikTok. It’s time to saddle up with these Cowboy Carter-inspired outfits, y’all! 

An Instagram account that analyzes current fashion trends, @databutmakeitfashion, posted a chart in February showing that the average popularity of cowboy hats increased by about 20% after Bey posted pics of herself in western wear to promote her album. (Icon behavior.) The account also posted that although the amount of denim has decreased by 40% in runway collections, the popularity of “denim on denim” outfits has increased by 8% from January to late February. In Yoncé’s new song “LEVII’S JEANS,” she sings “denim on denim on denim on denim.” I couldn’t have said so better myself. Beyoncé and the data have spoken! If you want to shake up your wardrobe with some Cowboy Carter inspo, TikTok has your back. 

Denim On Denim

For some of ya’ll this denim 👖on denim👖thing is trendy, but for me, Canadian tuxedos are a lifestyle. 💁🏾‍♀️
I can’t wait to pull up to the Cowboy Carter hoedown 🤠
Cheers to denim 👖 being mainstream now and forever.
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♬ TEXAS HOLD ‘EM – Beyoncé

The simplest way to exude Cowboy Carter excellence is by throwing on some denim. Denim jacket. Denim jeans. Light Wash. Dark Wash. A 70’s flare. Baggy denim. Tight denim. There’s no way to do denim wrong. Maybe the sooner we all wear a Canadian tuxedo, the sooner Beyonce will announce a Cowboy Carter tour (PLS announce a tour soon, Beyoncé).

Rhinestones and Leather

Saddle up for a twist on Western vibes! 🤠🖤 Unleash your inner cowgirl with edgy all-black looks. Let’s redefine the rodeo style – buckle up for a wild ride! #EdgyCowgirl #WesternFashion #allblackoutfit #festivalfashion #countryconcertoutfits #morganwallenconcertoutfit #rodeofashion #nashvilleshopping

♬ Diplo x Sky Full of Liquor – Diplo

If we’ve learned anything from the Renaissance World Tour, it’s that Beyoncé loves some rhinestones. For an edgier take on the cowboy aesthetic, black leather and silver rhinestones are gonna be your best friends. A slinky silver top with black leather (or denim) jeans is a ‘fit immediately Cowboy Carter-approved. You can also wear a black leather top if you’re feeling it. Add some rhinestone fringe to your cowboy hat, top, or jacket to complete the look. Forever 21 is already ahead of the game with their rhinestone outfits if you need some inspiration.

Cowboy Hats and Boots…Duh!

Ummm…you’re going to need a cowboy hat and boots for this aesthetic, besties! I’m obsessed with what Houston TikToker Ravene Moore wore to a rodeo. She matched her black cowboy hat and boots to her black and silver fringed top. It’s an absolute slay. She basically combined all of the style elements we’ve discussed so far and made this stunning look. BRB, I’m about to invest in a cowboy hat from Amazon RN.

Statement Tops

If you’re opting for a more casual cowboy outfit, there are so many tops that work. You can wear a white cropped tee, suede tops, button-up mini-vests, and tank tops. These tank tops from @shopthevaulty on TikTok Shop are literally perfect for summer and for Cowboy Carter fashion enthusiasts. They literally have the word “cowboy” written all over them. 

As I continue online shopping for some cowboy boots, I’ll be playing “TYRANT” on repeat. And “II MOST WANTED.” And “BODYGUARD.” And “JOLENE.” Let’s just say I’ll be re-listening to the entire album for the next month. 

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