Easy Ways to Revamp Your Exercise Regime at the Rec

Being healthy is not a one-and-done activity; it takes dedication and determination.  If you’re trying to maintain an active lifestyle, doing the same thing over and over again gets old very quickly. Having some variety in your workout will not only help you achieve better results, but it will give you just enough excitement to want to get to the gym and keep going.

If you stick to the treadmill and elliptical:

Try the stairmaster.

More great cardio, but it will work different muscles. The stairmaster can be daunting at first, but you can select from workouts right on the screen so you don't have to figure too much out on your own.

Pro tip: Choose the interval workout for maximum efficiency because an efficient workout means going home sooner.

If you look at the weights, get stressed and leave:

Try starting small.

Google or Pinterest around ahead of time to find a routine that you feel comfortable with. Start with moves that you already know and gradually do more reps with more weight. If it starts to get uncomfortable, listen to your body. Don’t try to lift too much weight initially; you can always add more later.  If you want some tips before hand check out these suggestions

If you have an affinity for the stationary bike:

Try breakaway.

We’ve all been cruising on the bike keeping a steady pace, then, all of a sudden, we have our phones in our hand, scrolling through Instagram, barely moving our legs. If you like the constant cardio, Breakaway is perfect. You’re out in 45 minutes, have someone telling you what to do the entire time and you’re too tired to care about what pictures your high school friends are posting.

If you cheat yourself and leave early:

Try grabbing a buddy!

Make a plan. If you don’t have a plan going into abs, for example, it’s very easy to get through a couple planks and call it a day. Instead of setting a timer for how long you have to work out, bringing a friend along with you will hold you accountable. Plus, you’ll also feel too guilty to stop the timer or ask them to leave early. You’ll get a full workout and social hour at the same time!

If you avoid the gym all together:

Try any class.

It’s very understandable to be afraid of the classes at the Rec Center; being in a room full of athletic people who probably know what they’re doing is not easy. Yet, if you take a baby step and just get to the class you’ll have an encouraging teacher who praises you for just showing up and will teach you how to exercise properly. Furthermore, with so many classes to choose from you won’t have to look far to find one you resonate with. Boom, no need to think or plan, and you get a full body workout.

Try any and all of these ideas and help give yourself a little sanity when it comes to working out!