Lifting Confidence

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Why is there such a stigma on women at the gym? This has caused women to avoid the gym or go to the gym and possibly feel uncomfortable. Those women who avoid the gym usually try to find an alternative way to do their exercise. Or at the gym, they avoid the weight area and stick to cardio. If a woman does enter the weight area, she is typically seen with a guy or gal pal, but never alone. But why is this? Women should feel just as comfortable as men whether they are using dumbbells or on a stationary bike. However, I’m not saying this stigma can change overnight, but maybe by continuing to work out and showing that women are strong, we can make a difference in the gym.

8 Ways to Work Out Without Feeling Uncomfortable

  1. Go to the gym with a workout buddy, best gal pal, best guy pal, or significant other. Going to the gym with someone else is much more comfortable. You can support and challenge each other. Going with another person may allow you to feel more comfortable in the weights section, plus having another person makes it more fun!    
  2. Try a class at the gym, that way everyone is doing the same thing so you don’t feel out of place. When you step into a gym class for the first time it may be intimidating, but I have found that there is a support system in each class. You enter a community and in that community you all are working together to accomplish one goal: work out! Also, if you feel paranoid that everyone is looking at you when you work out, know that in a class you all will be doing the same thing. If you’re all doing the same thing, there shouldn’t be room for judgment.    
  3. Get outdoors! If you don’t like going into a stinky, sweaty gym you can try getting outdoors! Get to the beach for a run or a walk, head to your nearest boardwalk to go skating or bike riding, or find a local trail to hike. One of my favorite things about hiking is that you can always find hidden gems in your hometown. ** Hike with a buddy, lots of water and snacks, and research the trail a bit to get an idea of the animals and plants in that area. Stay safe!**    
  4. Go surfing, kayaking, or paddle boarding. You may want to get outdoors, breathe the fresh air, and feel the warm sun on your skin, yet, you don’t want to really be in sand, deal with dirt or accidentally touch poison oak. You may want to head to the ocean! Try kayaking or paddle boarding, take some surfing lessons if you’ve never surfed before, or even rent a paddle boat. Whatever it may be, go out and try it!    
  5. Try an all-women’s class – Curves? What can be better than working in a fitness studio with other women? Going to specific place for women where they help you with your fitness journey just may be the place for you. It’s like being in a healthy fitness sorority!    
  6. Work with a woman trainer. Personally, I hate working with men trainers. They push way too hard and I feel like they don’t fully understand a woman’s body. So, try working with a female trainer. She might just be the person you need to push you a little bit more, but also understand you.    
  7. Work out at home (apps, videos, etc.) For those of you that travel a lot or don’t have much time or money, try working out at home. There are many DVDs, YouTube videos, websites, and apps you can use to guide you in your workout. You may not be familiar with some of the exercises, so make sure you find a guide that shows you step by step instructions.    
  8. Try a sport. We may have played sports in our adolescent years, but as adults we don’t think too much about playing a sport unless you’re on a college team. However, you can always join your schools intramural sports team or play in a community league. C’mon, bring that competitive side out!

Try something new, do something you’ve already done, but whatever it may be get out and be active!