How To Live Your Best Life

I have been alive for eighteen years and while it may not seem like a lot, I have learned more life lessons to last me a lifetime and I know that I’ll keep on learning. I’ve learned that some days are worse than others and sometimes the sadness doesn’t go away but I’ve also learned that you can find happiness in the little things and that loving yourself is what matters the most. I’ve learned that life is to be enjoyed because each day is a new chance and new beginning to wake up and see the beautiful life that we were meant to be living. I have learned some simple tricks and tips to help you live your life again, even when you don’t feel like it. 

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

1. Wash Your Face and Shower for as long as you want.

Wash your face to help wake you up and get the day started. You don’t have to do a 15 step Korean Skin Care routine but just putting some water on your face and enjoying Mother Nature’s gift is a total plus. And shower for as long as you want; you want water hotter than Lavagirl or water as cold as Sharkboy, do it! Stand up or sit down and just let the water run over your beautiful skin because sometimes that’s all you need.

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Wash Your Face

2. Lotion!

Put on some lotion and take some time massaging it into your skin. Unscented lotion? 99¢ Store lotion? Bath and Body Works lotion? Use whatever you want to, just make sure you like it and how it feels on your skin. Some of my favs are Warm Vanilla Sugar and Mad About You from Bath and Body Works but the Unscented Eucerin lotion works great on my skin especially when my keratosis pilaris gets bad during the winter.

3. Put on some of your favourite clothes.

It could be the fuzzy pink sweater that your Grandma knitted for you or the new little black dress that you got from Torrid. As long as you feel comfortable and drop dead gorgeous in it, then walk the streets like you’re walking a runway.

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

4. Hyrdration

Stay hydrated and drink as much water throughout the day. I know it’s hard but maybe investing in an Instagram worthy water bottle or make it a goal for yourself to at least drink more water than you did yesterday. Add some lemons or mint to make the water more tasty and put it in the fridge overnight so you wake up to cold water. I like putting lemons or strawberries in my water bottle because it makes me actually want to drink the water more often. 

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

5. Please eat.

Eat something. Don’t grab a granola bar and say that’s lunch because it isn’t. Make something simple like ramen and eat it like that or add some veggies and a sunny side up egg to. Or go out and get a nice meal by yourself because that is more than okay.

6. Breathe some fresh air

Get outside and enjoy the weather while you can. Sit on the grass and just bask in the sun’s warmth or go out and build a sand castle by the beach. Go out and enjoy the feeling of the earth beneath your feet and smell some flowers and just enjoy being outside because we spend so much of our days sitting in chairs and staying inside.

                                                                Gif courtesy of Gifer

7. Treat yourself

Do a face mask and spend the day pampering yourself. Get your hair done or wear a different way than the day before. Shave or don’t shave, that’s entirely up to you. Put on some makeup or go out bare faced, because either way is perfectly fine. Deep condition your scalp and see that your hair feel soft and just the way you want it. And don’t forget to wear chapstick because soft lips just feel amazing.

8. Sleep!

Get some sleep. The most hours of sleep I get on a good day is four and that’s so bad for me, so I’m gonna work on going to bed early and so should you. Start your homework early, so you finish it faster. Or wait til the morning to get some done too. Try getting into bed early and if you can’t fall asleep, try listening to some soft music or a podcast because those always help when I can’t sleep. Some of my soft music favs include Billie Eilish, Boy Pablo, and ZAYN, his new album is absolutely divine. I like two podcasts specifically, one about anti slut-shaming and another called, Lore, which is about seances and witch trials, who could ask for more. 

                                                                Photo Courtesy of We Heart It

9. Surround yourself with people you love

Spend some time with people you want to, even if that means picking up the phone and giving someone a call. You choose the people you want to spend time with, so if you know someone is toxic and harmful to your health, then that’s more than okay to distance yourself from them. Recently I did this and my life has never felt better. So reach out to people who make you feel happy and like you’re at home. If you want to spend time with them, don’t feel like a burden cause I’m sure they want to see you too.

                                                                Photo Courtesy of lovethispic

10. Self-care

Take care of yourself because you matter. Your feelings are valid and your hopes, dreams, desires can all be accomplished. Listen to your favourite song or randomly break out in dance if you feel like it. Get eight hours of sleep and take that hot or cold shower. And as Queen RuPaul said, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love someone else.” So put yourself first. I know it’s hard but once you do, everything starts falling right into place and I can promise you that.   

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With love,