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photograph of Callie Jardine of @imsweatyandiknowit
photograph of Callie Jardine of @imsweatyandiknowit
Photo by Gabrielle Stouffer

Pilates and Confidence with Callie Jardine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buffalo chapter.

Growing up I spent a lot of my free time dancing, and it was one of my main hobbies. However, I, like so many other teenagers and twenty-somethings, struggled to find a consistent workout schedule and routine when I got to college. Also, having spent much of my childhood and adolescence in the dance studio, weights and other gym equipment genuinely seemed very daunting to me. However, I did happen to find a perfect fit for me!

Here is where Callie Jardine, also known as @imsweatyandiknowit, comes in. I started following her page a while back and I love how she focuses on balance, mental health, confidence, body positivity, and so many other things that I wanted to boost in my daily life.

She recently launched her own online pilates studio, called Sweaty Studio, where she has live classes, on-demand classes, monthly challenges, and more! As a very happy subscriber, I also want to share that she sends out regular emails with a weekly schedule, affirmations and tips.

Jardine also has this infectious energy that is absolutely communicated through her classes. She shares affirmations and positive words throughout the class and you will without a doubt finish the class feeling incredible.

On to the interview, and I hope that you fall in love with Jardine’s honesty, positivity, and advice as much as I have!

Michaela Fuchs: What are your favorite ways to boost your confidence outside of pilates?

Callie Jardine: I’m a huge believer in hyping myself up, so when I wake up in the morning, I say out loud “today is a great day” and high-five myself in the mirror. Also, I have an app on my phone called “I Am” that sends me daily affirmation reminders throughout the day that def boosts my confidence. And, hot girl walks are my go to’s! I listen to one of my fave podcasts or blast music and walk outside.

MF: How did you first get into pilates and what drew you to it over other types of exercise?

CJ: I used to be a competitive figure skater for over 10 years and I ran into an obstacle with my off-ice training. My knees and feet were super injured from growing and as a result, I tried low-impact barre workouts when I was 15. Fast forward to my sophomore year of college, I became certified in Pure Barre (a blend of Pilates, yoga and ballet) and started teaching barre. This led me to try reformer Pilates and get certified. Once COVID hit, everything went online and I started teaching reformer Pilates classes on the mat with sliders. Eventually, this got me into developing my own mat Pilates style that I’ve fallen in love with. Pilates is the only type of exercise that my body literally craves and leaves me shaking in the best way! 

MF: On social media right now, one can see a lot about becoming “that girl.” What are your thoughts on the trend?

CJ: Like most trends, it started out super positive but then became overly mainstream and has become something a lil’ toxic if taken wrong. I love the idea of doing small, daily habits each day to feel like the best version of yourself, but a lot of the content I see feels identical and pushes a very specific lifestyle that looks like you need to buy every product shown and do exactly what “she” is doing to be healthy and aesthetic. I noticed this a few months back and made my own spin of “that girl” but balanced it to show that you can still enjoy life and be the healthy best version of you and thankfully, I’ve noticed more and more content creators taking this approach to “that girl.” 

MF: Having taken a few of your classes myself, one of my favorite things about your style is that you bring affirmations and positivity into the workout! What is your go-to and/or favorite affirmation to use in your own life, and why?

CJ: I love that you’ve tried my workouts!! Makes me so happy to hear. I would say my favorite affirmation is “I am trusting my journey.” One of my self-sabotaging habits is to get overly future-focused and miss out on the present. When doors suddenly shut, it sometimes feels like everything is ending and I wonder what I did wrong, but recently I’m learning that every shut door is a bunch of new, better doors opening. I’m also a Christian and tell myself that I trust God’s timing because He has a plan for me. :)

MF: Another thing that you have emphasized in your program is balance. What would you say is your top tip for maintaining balance in one’s day-to-day life?

CJ: My top tip is understanding that “balance” isn’t what it sounds like. There is no way to perfectly balance every single aspect of our lives because we flow in seasons. When you live a “balanced” life, doing more of what feels right in the moment and will help you in the long-term is when you progress, grow and feel like your best self! Right now, I’m in a season of healing my mental health, so my self-care is my priority and as a result I’m putting less energy into things like partying so that I can heal my energy levels and anxiety.

MF: So many people have days where they just feel “off.” What advice do you have for when people feel that way, and how to feel like themselves again?

CJ: Accepting that you are a human and “off” days are part of life. Sometimes we’re in off seasons or “funks.” My best advice is accepting that it is ok and you are exactly where you need to be and feel how you feel for a very specific reason. All you can do is write down how you’re feeling, process it, figure out if something is triggering you, and then do more things that make you feel “on.” Maybe that is waking up early to catch the sunrise or just slowing down during your day. We don’t always need solutions to problems but we can do things to help us and understand that life moves in waves and will always go up again. 

MF: For our readers who have never done pilates before, what tips do you have for getting started?

CJ: Shamelessly plugging my studio here – you can start with beginner Pilates workouts. I have a bunch of them on my online Pilates studio that explain the movements, provide modifications, and are slow paced. If you prefer in-person, I would check out a local studio and book a private lesson or show up to class extra early to get the instructor’s best tips and guidance. Also, understanding that it will feel weird and unnatural at first. Every time you show up on the mat you get stronger! You just have to start and find an instructor/studio that makes you feel at home!

MF: Most of our readers are college-aged and have grown up with the increase of social media. What do you think are the biggest positives and negatives to social media, and do you have any advice related to social media?

CJ: I would say the biggest positives are definitely the ability to find like-minded people and see different ideas and views of the world! I’ve made some of my closest friends through social media and find inspiration to try new things everyday. Biggest negatives are def comparison. It’s still such a fake, curated world there and thinking “why does she have so many followers?” “Why are her videos doing better than mine?” can become toxic super fast! You have to be mindful about the content you consume and who you consume it from. I try to avoid mindlessly scrolling and search my favorite content creators to just consume their content. 

MF: What do you think is your favorite part about your growing community and following?

CJ: Def connecting with the women in my community everyday through DM’s, comments, emails, or my live Pilates classes that I host on the weekend! The stories and love people share is beautiful and I am beyond blessed to have my community. 

MF: What goals do you have for your community and/or platform in the future?

CJ: My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help share workouts and tips that will transform their lives inside and out! Movement seriously changed my life and helps my mental health and confidence everyday and I want to do the same for other people. Also, I would love to travel the world and host IRL Pilates events and eventually open my own in-person studio! 

If you liked this interview and want to learn more about Callie Jardine, check out her Instagram and online pilates studio!

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