5 Tips to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Insomnia in college is much more common than people think. Whether it’s due to stress, noisy dorms, or even mild anxiety, it is not unheard of to not be able to get some shut eye. Here are five tips that may help fix this problem.

  1. Hot tea or hot chocolate

Sometimes, a warm beverage just does the trick. Drinking a cup of tea or hot chocolate will help give you that warm, cozy feeling inside, which could make you sleepy.


     2. Open your window

This is the opposite of the warm, cozy feeling from the last tip. Some people, myself included, have a better time sleeping when there is a breeze or when it’s cold outside. Crack open your window and see if that helps, but be mindful of any roommates you may have.

     3. Put down your phone

There are several studies out there that prove that using your phone before bedtime may be harmful to your sleeping pattern. This is also a good idea to prevent your mind from racing. Too many thoughts or stresses before bed will only keep you up with worry.

     4. Listen to some nature sounds

This is one is for the nature-lovers out there. Hearing the soothing sounds of the rainforest or the beach can be very calming and can put you in a happy place where there is no stress. There are several apps you can download to your phone that are designed just for this purpose. Want to know my nature sound of choice? Thunder storms.

     6. Sleep with a stuffed animal

This one may be kind of embarrassing, but it definitely works. Did you ever sleep with a stuffed teddy bear as a kid? If you did, they may have very well been the reason you could sleep at all. The reason behind this idea is that stuffed animals are soft and fuzzy, which can make even the most stressed adults feel relaxed. If you are too embarrassed to use a stuffed animal, try some really soft sheets or a body pillow.