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You’re Never Too Cool to Pursue a Firm Body with Three Kinds of “Soft” Exercise!

If you’re trying to pursue a healthy, firm body, you may have been dealing with the unavailability of daily one-hour workouts in the gym, a dislike of getting sweat all over you from doing sports, or the guilt of overeating Insomnia cookies after dinner. So, here’s how you can address your struggles with pilates, aerobics, and jogging. After doing a year of self-caring physical exercise, I assure you that these kinds of “tender and mild” physical exercises will avoid sports injuries and can be executed at your own convenience.


The pivot of pilates never lies in an effort to get you to sweat all over. Shoulders down and tummy tucked — the mantra of pilates propagates solidifying your body’s core by doing a shoulder bridge, maintaining your spinal alignment with the flexibility of breath, and uplifting your gluteal muscle with a single body roll-up. Hunching all day in class and in the library, you need pilates to correct your body posture, strengthen your balance, and improve overall control of your life.

I don’t really exercise as I am not comfortable with getting profusely tired after physical activities, but I have practiced pilates for five months because it corrects my humpback and wipes out my backache after hunching over while writing an essay for three hours.


With light-hearted background music, aerobics is demanding that you take a step forward and backward and circle-round in the air. All you need to prep yourself for a set of aerobics exercises is a pair of soft-pad shoes and your phone that has the Keep app.

Without much professional knowledge or three hours of spare time to go to the gym on campus, you can just derive half an hour from your compact schedule and execute it in your own dorm or apartment room. During my quarantine life last year, I set a regular schedule to do aerobics after getting off from my three-hour lab session. Despite remaining confined in my bedroom, I was still capable of brightening myself up with this physical exercise. If you have had encounters with a high risk of exposure to the coronavirus when going outside, don’t hesitate to stretch your body with a 25-minute free aerobics training on Keep.


I never aim for losing weight and fitting into a pair of size-0 jeans, but I want to take control of my life by stabilizing my weight with occasional exercises. Sometimes, I cheat for Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream, and that’s when I plan to jog for 30 minutes to waive extra sugar and heat so as to secure overall regular dieting. Just a half-hour workout will run out more than 200 calories, and you will no longer feel distressed if you eat one more croissant at Tatte Bakery & Cafe.

As you jog, let the wind cuddle your shoulders, the sunbeams sprinkle on your face, and squirrels murmur by your ear. Jogging never exhausts you but promotes your body with dynamics at a leisurely pace and causes less damage to your knees.

Despite all the homework that left us hunching at our desk at 2 a.m., doing physical exercises isn’t a slog for us anymore. A 20-minute body-chilling will leave us with self-confidence and energy in our bustling college life. 

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Lutian Wang is a sophomore at BU studying Public Relations and Statistics. Her interest includes doing Pilates, listening to Podcasts, coding, and creative writing. She can't live without RitterSPORT chocolates and every mocha-flavored food. Find her on insta @lutian_wang!
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