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by Masha Komissarova

Have you ever wanted to try yoga, but thought that you’d fall asleep or fall over during one of the positions? Or do you think that it’s too easy and that it won’t give you the same workout as lifting weights will? I recently started yoga and I can give you a few reasons why you should try yoga at least once in your life.  

You’ll become more flexible. This one is an obvious one, I’ve heard it tons before but never truly believed it until I was able to bend down more easily than I used to after only one class of yoga. It’s much harder than it looks. Yoga requires you to use your strengths, unlike cardio which requires more endurance. I love going to the gym, but let’s face it, what’s harder: running on a machine that is already moving or trying to hold your body in an unnatural position like the bridge? Nobody is helping you in yoga. It’s just you and your work.

Which brings me to my next point. You’ll feel stronger and happier. Why? Because you’ll know what you are capable of. You’ll leave the class thinking “I did that all by myself.” That’s an incredible feeling. 

In the gym, there are so many people who are incredibly fit. Have you ever looked at someone in the gym and thought: “If I looked like that I would just eat ice cream all day and never go to the gym.” There were times when I didn’t feel good at the gym because everyone seems to look at everyone, but in yoga, that’s not the case. People are all so unique and they’re there for one reason: to improve on themselves and to make themselves stronger. 

It’s a great workout for weight loss. I’ve only tried hot yoga because I don’t have the patience to wait for my muscles to become flexible in regular yoga so I guess that’s cheating, in a way. Hot yoga is the best because you’re working out basically in a spa. What’s better than that? Your body and skin will thank you.  

I hope I’ve convinced you to try yoga at least once. A good yoga place where you can go in Boston is Yoga Down Under and they have multiple locations around Boston. They also offer one free class so if you’re unsure whether you like it or not just talk to someone there and explain that you just want to try it without any commitment. 


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