Why You Should Ditch Candles and Incense for an Essential Oil Diffuser

I used to have candles lit all the time – that is, before I came to college. See, after our school had a fire incident caused by a student’s candle, the dorms have been enforcing a strict no-candle-what-so-ever policy. So I joylessly looked for alternatives but, to my surprise, I found something remarkably better: an essential oil diffuser. An essential oil diffuser is practically a candle… but with added health benefits. On top of that, since they don’t require a flame, they have zero chances of turning into a fire (a big plus). They even act as a humidifier as well. Price-wise and health-wise they trump candles every time.

Essential oil diffusers are extremely cost-effective. I used to pay 20 to 40 dollars per candle which would last me about two weeks and now I’m spending about 15 dollars per one essential oil which lasts practically a life time. My bank account is pretty much just as happy as I am.

Whoever said happiness is a journey not a destination has never tried lemon oil in their essential oil diffuser. Lemon oil is a bright and zesty scent that has been claimed to enhance moods. It also improves mental and physical task performance. The lavender oil relaxes the mind instead of stimulating it, and is a majestic option to use before bed. Another popular and invigorating oil is peppermint. Its revitalizing aroma improves concentration, elevates mood, and fights depression. The list of essential oils is endless and each oil has different health benefits. Click here to find the right essential oil to fit your needs!

Though our needs are constantly changing -- sometimes we have trouble focusing and other times we have trouble sleeping -- a great advantage of the diffuser is that you don’t have to stick to one scent! You can change the oil depending on your needs -- daily or even hourly! 


Sometimes it takes losing the thing you really love in order to get something greater, even if that thing you lose is just a candle. Losing a candle, in my case, led me to a greater mindset and greater mood. Why should you ditch candles and incense for an essential oil diffuser? I really can’t do justice with just words; you’ve got to feel it for yourself.  


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