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Why the Spring Equinox is Extra Special This Year!

I have high expectations for this spring. The past year has shown the world an unprecedented amount of loss, fear, and change. Whereas last spring was the beginning of a perfect storm of terrible, I am hopeful that this spring will be the dawn of a new day.

Spring means a lot of things: warmer weather, the end of school, more daylight, and more happiness. So, here are some of the best ways to spend your spring as we begin to see the light at the end of the long, dark pandemic tunnel.

Go out to eat!

I know we’ve been able to eat out all winter, but with the warmer temperatures, restaurants should be opening outdoor dining again. Over 100,000 restaurants have closed since the pandemic began last March. That’s hundreds of thousands of jobs lost: jobs belonging to owners, cooks, and waitstaff; jobs belonging to parents, siblings and friends. For those who can afford to spare the extra money, the restaurant industry needs help. So, as the weather warms and restaurants begin to expand capacity with outdoor seating, consider supporting a local business and going out to eat.

Go to class in person.

While it has certainly been nice not having to go to early morning classes, three hour classes, and really just classes in general these past few months, there are some aspects of in-person learning that we should get used to again now that BU has announced their goal of a full recovery to in-person classes next fall. We’ve been missing out on important relationships with professors and classmates because of online learning and have gotten used to not having to leave bed pretty much ever over the course of the day. Now that spring is here, and the weather is no longer freezing, it might be a good idea to get used to going to classes in classrooms again before we’re tossed back into regular life next fall.

Go play outside.

Go for a walk! Go for a run! Hang out with friends outside! The nicer weather gives us so many more opportunities to be active outside. Not only does this boost your physical health, but it boosts your mental health too. Even the small walk to class could make a difference. It’s time to bust out the shorts and take advantage of the opportunity that nature is giving us to finally enjoy ourselves after the year from hell. Go outside, people. 

The spring equinox feels extra special this year because I think we could all use the nice weather. There are many benefits to being outdoors and soaking in Vitamin D, but the most important one right now is the serotonin boost. Serotonin is one of the happy hormones, specifically the mood booster. 

So, go out to eat, go to your classes, and play outside. I think we all deserve it. 

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Catherine is from Boston MA. She is a junior in the College of Communications at Boston University. Her hobbies include reading and taking walks, and she is also a member of BU's sailing team. Catherine has been a writer for Her Campus since the fall of 2020, and recently joined the editing team this past fall. She is currently pursuing a major in journalism and a minor in English.
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