What to Do When You're Thinking About Transferring Schools

If anyone knows how you are feeling about wishing you could change schools, it is me. I realized I wanted to transfer within my first month at college and this realization really put a toll on me. I thought, “Why is everyone around me so happy here and I am struggling?” I felt alone and stressed, but I realized that I did not need to. Here are some tips about what to do if you are thinking about transferring and how to relieve some of that stress.


1. Write down the pros and cons of your current school

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My thoughts were like a ping pong ball inside my head. I was so overwhelmed with emotions that it was hard for me to think straight. I found that writing down what was making me unhappy and happy about my school helped a lot. After I did that, I wrote down what I liked academically about my school and what I did not. Then I wrote what I am looking for in my future university and why I want that. Writing it all down will help relieve some stress.


2. Tell your parents or family

I was so nervous to tell my parents. I thought they would be mad at me or ashamed that I wanted to transfer, but I could not have been more wrong. After a really rough night, I called my mom crying. She was so confused as to why I was so upset but I finally managed to blurt out, “I want to transfer.” At first, she was so confused, “I thought you were having a good time,” she said. I was some days but overall I knew my school was not right for me. After explaining my reasons for wanting to transfer, she completely understood. All your parents want is for you to be happy at your college. Telling my parents gave me the support I needed to go through with this choice. I no longer felt like I was in it alone.


3. Do research about other schools

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This was my favorite part. I finally had figured out what I wanted to study, so I looked at the places that had the best programs. In your case, your reason for transferring might not be academics, and that is okay. I suggest looking at the requirements some schools have for transferring. Some universities require you to have a certain amount of credits and certain courses. This can all be easily found on the university's website.


4. Talk to your professors 

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I was nervous to talk to my professors at first, but I realized that they only want what is best for me. Professors attended other colleges, have worked with other universities, and know the best colleges for their subject matter. Utilize their knowledge! Also, start thinking about who you want a letter of recommendation from.


5. Look at due dates and plan ahead

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All of the due dates can be found online and on the Common App. Once you figure out where you want to apply, write down those due dates. Writing new college essays while having school work can be overwhelming at times, but if you are organized it will help. I had designated times during my day where I would work on my essays. This allowed me to be mobilized and focused.


6. Just Breathe 

Everything is going to be okay. I understand being in a place that might not be right for you can be a rough feeling. Try to make the best of your time and know that you will be leaving soon. If you are on the edge of whether or not you want to transfer, I suggest still applying. There is no harm in that. If you are overly stressed out, talk to a counselor at school, talk to your friends and your family. You do not have to go through this process alone!


I believe in you. You are not alone. You are going to be at a different school that fits what you want in no time. #transferseason is a good time – believe me/.


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