The Types of People You See at the Gym

A lot of people (myself included) get nervous about going to the gym because they’re afraid people are judging them. That’s because, well, most of us do judge people at the gym. I definitely try not to, but some people make it difficult. Here are five types of people you probably see at every workout session.





  1. 1. LuluLemon Queen

    From her headband to her leggings to her sports bra, this woman is entirely decked in lululemon gear.  Her slim, toned body makes her look like she stepped off an advertisement on the lululemon store front. You can probably find her on the yoga mat, handling rigorous exercise with ease.

  2. 2. The Bro on his Phone

    There’s always a guy with a frat boy haircut and a low cut tank top sitting on one of the strength building machines. His weight is pretty heavy, but you never see him lift it. Instead, he is on his phone the whole time. People who actually want to use the machine don’t get to because he’s not moving.

  3. 3. The Unnecessary Grunter

    Whenever I make the mistake of forgetting my headphones, I always regret it because I can hear other people grunting. Some like to go all in and grunt with every movement. I’m not sure if it helps them focus or if they’re actually trying to make a scene, but you definitely don’t want to hear it.

  4. 4. The Actual Athlete

    They’re on the treadmill running like 60 miles an hour. They start before you arrive and end after you leave.  Maybe they sweat a little, but they don’t change pace. They are a constant reminder of how out of shape you are.

  5. 5. The Struggler

    This person is usually a man with a noticeable amount of muscle on his body.  However, these muscles probably have to do more with steroids than his workout routine because he’s huffing and puffing over half the amount you lift. Unfortunately, he’s probably also using the weights or machine that you want.

Going to the gym regularly is hard to do. People don’t complain about never getting over there for no reason. Hopefully this light-hearted approach of thinking about the gym and the people there makes it less daunting to go in. 

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