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In Boston, a city known for its diverse array of cafés and restaurants, there are many spots offering healthy yet budget-friendly meals.

Whether you’re a student looking to save a few bucks or someone trying to keep a balanced diet without breaking the bank, these four shops in Boston are your solution!

Life Alive Organic Café

For those looking for fresh, plant-based food, Life Alive Organic Café is the perfect spot for you.

Its menu features a variety of salads, grain bowls, smoothies, wellness shots, and açaí bowls. Better yet, this café won’t burn a hole in your wallet, as it is one of the more affordable options when compared to other wellness cafes around Boston.

With two Boston locations, including one right here on Boston University’s own section of Commonwealth Avenue, this café is also conveniently located.

Mother Juice

Mother Juice is a local favorite here in Boston. It is known for its cold-pressed juices, smoothies, bowls, and salads – all made from fresh seasonal produce.

It has several locations around the city, including one in the Boston Public Market, and is definitely a must-visit.

Its affordable prices perfectly complement the accessibility of its menu, which offers a balanced mix of vegan and non-vegan options.

Bon me

If you’re a fan of Asian-inspired cuisine, a Bon Me meal should be at the top of your foodie bucket list.

Bon Me, which is known for its nutritious and locally-sourced ingredients, has restaurants and food trucks all around Boston.

On their menu, you’ll find a range of options, such as spring rolls, rice bowls, and sandwiches that you’re sure to love. Stop by this spot and it’ll be a win for both your health and your wallet.

Clover Food Lab

Last on the list, but no less delicious, is Clover Food Lab.

Despite being known as a fast-food spot in Boston, this restaurant has a unique approach to this style of food, as they having both vegan and non-vegan options. They also hold Taco Tuesdays and Burger Fridays.

This diet-friendly pick is sure to pass a nutritionist’s test. Their commitment to serving food made from scratch at affordable prices makes it an excellent choice.

These four health-centered eateries show that it’s possible to enjoy tasty, balanced meals without draining your savings.

eating healthy in Boston doesn’t have to mean paying outrageous prices, and there are options for everyone!  

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