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So You Stopped Exercising & Eating Healthy During Midterms: Now What?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eating pretty badly lately.  With my midterms done and spring break officially in full swing, I want to bring my eating and exercising routine back from the dead. Below are some tips that you can follow to re-charge this spring break!

Start Daily 20-Minute Runs

The reason I say 20 and not 30 minutes is that even though 10 minutes does not look like a major difference on paper, it most certainly does when you’re running. If you’re a beginner, I even recommend starting with 15 minutes. Remember, the most important thing is that you’re trying. Never ever feel bad for not “doing it like everyone else.” Choose the time that works best for you; if you prefer to wake up early and get straight to work, I recommend a morning run, but if waking up earlier than 9 a.m. feels like your worst nightmare, definitely do a night run.

Try Intermittent Fasting

When is a better time to try intermittent fasting than on days when you don’t have to get up super early to make it to class? There are different variations for intermittent fasting, but I recommend doing the original one, which is eating only from 12pm to 8pm. Let’s say you have your dinner at 8pm, go to bed around 10 pm, and sleep in until 11am: then you’ll only have 1 hour left to not eat. It’s great to start intermittent fasting when you’re less stressed.

Instead of Netflix, Read a Book

You’re less likely to binge or want to have a snack when reading than watching Netflix because reading requires a bit more mental capacity than watching. When reading, you have to turn the pages, so you’ll most likely find it helpful to have your hands free. Plus, you probably won’t want to get your book super dirty with spills and crumbs. When watching, you’re literally just sitting there. Even if it’s a show or movie we like, we all sometimes go on our social media just to “have a quick scroll” while Netflix is asking us if we’re still watching. Because your brain is not focused on one thing, you’ll be more likely to mindlessly eat whatever you have in your hands.

Apply to Jobs for Summer and Fall 2020

Even though this is an online activity, it’s not similar to Netflix because you’re researching the companies, reading job descriptions, and writing cover letters. If you’re anything like me, I hate when my laptop gets dirty because Mac keys are so gentle that any tiny crumb can make them stop working. I recommend having a smoothie near, but do be very careful not to spill it on your work.

These are the four steps I suggest taking this spring break; I know I’ll definitely try to stick to steps three and four for sure. I didn’t mention sleep in my list, but of course, take sleep into consideration. Reading even 10 pages a day and applying for jobs will put you ahead of the game when we come back from spring break, leaving you more relaxed compared to your classmates who will struggle to get back on the college track. 

Most importantly, try to have a relaxing but productive spring break!


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