My Personal Photo Diary of Boston

Whenever I’m upset, anxious, or just need to get outside for a bit, I tend to go on long walks around Boston. Whether that’s down the Charles River Esplanade, to the seaport, or the Common, walking around the city brings me comfort. I wanted to express that comfort through a series of photos in these different places.


1. The Harvard Bridge Lookout

My freshman year, I used to go on lots of morning runs on the Esplanade. Recently, I haven't been as active because I’m a lot busier and haven’t made time for exercise, which is definitely a key component of a healthy life. Last week, however, I got up at 6 AM and decided to go on a run because I was feeling particularly anxious. I snapped this photo from the ramp leading up to Mass Ave.


2. The Common

The walk from my dorm to the Common is roughly two miles. The Common is one of my favorite places to go, even when it’s busy with tourists. I find it relaxing to go and sit by the pond to people-watch for an hour or so. Sometimes I bring my journal to write, or sometimes I just take that time to be with my thoughts.


3. Comm Ave Buildings

Boston University’s campus can be found along Commonwealth Avenue — therefore, I spend a lot of time walking up and down it, admiring the architecture. Okay, mostly I just stress about school on my way to class. However, if you walk down Comm Ave towards East Campus, you can veer off the path of the hustle and bustle of college students and enter Back Bay. Here, there are a lot of beautiful buildings to admire and wish you lived in.


4. South Shore

Technically, this part of Massachusetts is just a little ways outside of Boston. But, it’s no more than a thirty-minute drive on a good day. I recently traveled to Hingham and its beaches for a weekend. It was a perfect time because the leaves had just started to change, but it wasn’t cold yet. Sometimes I forget that there’s a world outside of Boston, and a beautiful one at that.


5. Downtown Scene

I took this photograph the morning after I flew into Boston to move in for my sophomore year. I stayed at the Lenox with my mom for one night and this was our view. I’m a big fan of urban landscapes and seeing the “Pru” outside my window made me feel like I was finally back home.


6. Zakim Bridge

When I used to live in Massachusetts, I always looked forward to driving under the Zakim Bridge when the holiday lights were on. Now, returning to Boston as an adult, I still love the Zakim Bridge — and driving underneath is still something I get childishly giddy about.


7. Dirty Water

The Charles River has been nicknamed “Dirty Water” — and rightly so, because it is definitely gross, but also calming. I love to sit on the docks of the Esplanade and watch the small waves lap at the shore. It’s definitely a mood booster to go outside and just hang out next to the water.


8. The Seaport

I absolutely love walking down to the Seaport. It is a trek to get there, but for the most part, when the weather’s not too bad, it’s beautiful. The Seaport is close to Faneuil Hall and also one of my favorite museums, the Institute of Contemporary Art. It’s a fun little getaway that won’t break the bank or take long at all.


The point of this photo journal was to detail some of my favorite places in and around Boston that bring me happiness and are accessible from where I live. Whenever people find out that I’m from California, they always ask me why I chose to come to the East Coast tundra. This is a response to those people who can’t see all the history, culture, and beauty that Boston has to offer.


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