Mindfulness is So Important—Try These Two Exercises to Relax at Home

There is nothing more daunting than the prospect of sitting still. Nothing to distract, to entertain, to shape the way you think. Only you!

I’d like to look at the world's current situation as a sort of global meditation. Our society perceives ‘fun’ to be going out and doing things, exploring the world. But for now, we must switch that exploration of the exterior to the interior— our minds. I feel we simply cannot sit in disappointment and fear of missing out, for we’ll grow weary very fast (I’m sure you already have). Our emotions will not change the pandemic, so we might as well feel good instead of bad. 

This is a time of stepping back, readjusting your view on everything and making sure you are seeing clearly. Meditation is no different. We are all centering ourselves right now, and will no doubt come out of this with a better self-understanding. 

And that outcome can be so much stronger if we remember to breathe deeply and explore within. In fact, that sounds like fun to me. Here are two mindfulness practices you can try while cooped up these next few weeks. 

  1. 1. Give the Pranayama breathing exercise a try


    In a comfortable sitting position, with a straight back, take in as much breath as you can. Instead of one swift exhale, release the air in short, pointed breaths out of your nose. Start by trying to push out 20 little exhales, and eventually try 40 or 50. This practice fully renews all the air within your system and strengthens your breathing. 

  2. 2. Relax with the Shavasana pose


    Using a yoga mat or carpet, or even on your bed, lie flat on your back. Face your palms up and spread your feet however comfortable. Once here, close your eyes and check in with every little part of your body, starting from head to foot and then back up. From the little bones in your toes to the hairs on your head, no part is too trivial. This practice calms your mind and unites your body.

Hopefully, after this quarantine period, we will not feel intimidated by the silence of our own mind and body. Happy meditating!

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