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I Took Free Fitness Classes All Around Boston in September

There is one big perk of being a student in a big city: free and discounted things. Clothing, music subscriptions, electronics, food, fitness — you name it. Obviously, I’m going to take advantage of these opportunities while I have them. Recently, I have found that a lot of the fitness studios in the Boston area have been offering free and discounted classes to students and the general public. And with social distancing restrictions easing this fall, studios are eager to welcome everyone back. Throughout the month of September, I tried these classes at three different studios — The Handle Bar, Rev’d Indoor Cycling and Barry’s Bootcamp. Here’s what I thought: 

the handle bar

Over Labor Day weekend, The Handle Bar location that I visited offered free classes. This studio features indoor cycling classes, something I have really enjoyed recently. Shoe rentals were also free, and the studio was bright and airy, giving so many positive vibes. Both instructors I took classes from were motivational and inspiring, and the playlists were perfect. While cardio in a mask is still killer, I have gotten much more used to it. I liked the first day so much that I booked another class immediately after for the next day. To take an intense cycling class two days in a row really says something for me, considering how sore my muscles were the next morning when I woke up. But, I persevered, still went the second day, and I’m so glad I did. The one downside, however, was the lack of a locker room at the location that I visited. There were cubbies and bathrooms, but I was somewhat concerned about leaving valuables in the open. Many studios in the area have spaces to lock your things and a locker room for showering and changing after class. While it wasn’t a big deal to me, it is certainly something I would consider if I would purchase a membership at a studio. Despite that, I would definitely go again. 

Rev’d Indoor cycling

In one of their Boston locations, Rev’d offered free classes on weekends during the month of September. Of course, I was thrilled to try another cycling studio. I visited both Saturday and Sunday one weekend. It was a blast. The location was also super bright and airy, which was very energizing for my early morning rides. Since I don’t have my own cycling shoes (yet), I rented a pair for $3 for the class. One of my favorite things about Rev’d was the lighting effects in the studio. Instructors could turn on black lights, making the room glow, which was such a cool touch to the entire vibe of the class. The structure of the class was slightly different from other indoor cycling classes I have taken before, but I liked that it was unique. The location had lockers and a locker room, which was an additional benefit. The instructor I took class with both days was so inspiring and encouraging, which made my experience at Rev’d even better. I would definitely take a class at Rev’d again. 

Barry’s bootcamp

I was told about an offer for two free Barry’s classes for students by a friend, and I immediately booked spots. I had heard about Barry’s Bootcamp before, but I had never gone myself. Given the opportunity for a couple of free classes, I thought, “why not?” Barry’s classes consist of intervals of floor work (weights and strength training) and treadmill work (jogs, sprints and cooldowns). When booking, you can choose to start class on the floor or treadmill, and I chose the floor. I am certainly not a runner, so that portion of the class was intimidating, but once I began, it wasn’t scary at all. The class flew by quickly, and the instructor was encouraging and motivating. The studio had special colored lighting that added to the environment of the class, and I really enjoyed how different the workout was from my normal routine with weights and cardio at the gym. I have to mention the locker room at this Barry’s location. It is hands-down the nicest I have seen in a fitness studio. The locker room alone could convince me to buy a membership here. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Barry’s Bootcamp, and I plan on visiting again in the near future. 

Taking classes at these studios the past month was an amazing experience. I will definitely be on the lookout for additional opportunities at fitness studios in the city, and I look forward to visiting The Handle Bar, Rev’d Indoor Cycling and Barry’s Bootcamp all again soon.

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