How Your Peers Can Make or Break Your New Year’s Resolutions

“New year. New me. I’m going to eat healthier and exercise all the time this year.”

Ha! That’s what they all say. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are definitely some people who can handle that goal. I, for one, have already managed to break my goal of eating healthier after my winter break. I was planning on pursuing this goal with my friend, but our trip to Uno's for deep dish pizza a few days ago ruined that. Whoops.

It’s not like there are no healthy options available in college. We just choose to avoid the salad bar and go straight to the cookies, cupcakes, and brownies (oh my!). With so many people surrounding us at college, we are not alone. I believe those around us can either make or break our New Year’s Resolutions, whether they include eating healthier or not.

First of all, how can our friends help us with our New Year’s Resolutions? Sometimes you just need a boost from your friends to help you, right?

If you and your friend happen to have very similar goals, the chances of success if you work together and motivate each other are much higher than if you went about this by yourself. For example, my friend and I are both aiming to get in shape this year and workout. I know that if I planned to go to the gym by myself, my anxiety would take over and I would never go. So, my friend and I decided that we are going to drag ourselves to FitRec next week if it’s the last thing we do. If we actually go through with this and survive, you can definitely expect an article on our adventures at the gym!

On the one hand, if you have a friend like my gym buddy, you definitely have a good chance at succeeding at your New Year’s Resolutions. On the other hand, if you don’t have a specific friend with the same goal as you, that’s okay, but watch out for those around you because not everyone is there to support your goals. When you see someone in the dining hall walk by with a plate full of cookies, you're going to weigh your options. Salad or cookie? Cookie usually wins. Beat those cravings and stay strong!

It’s difficult to stay on track but if you surround yourself with motivated people and stay grounded, you can absolutely achieve your goals. We have already made it about a month into the great year of 2018, so we have eleven months left of the trials and tribulations of achieving our goals.

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