How to Stay Positive While Being Cooped Up at Home, As Told Through Cartoons

As an introvert and a homebody, I actually really enjoyed the first few days of staying at home without any physical contact. It’s inevitable to get bored sometimes, but I still find ways to keep myself positive and happy most of the time, even up until now. Here are my top three ways to stay positive at home!

  1. 1. Put your thoughts down in any form 

    My new at-home lifestyle provides me ample time and space to do whatever I want, and it’s a great opportunity to put my creativity into a solid form. Aside from writing, I also draw my everyday life in cartoons to make the mundane interesting and entertaining. 

  2. 2. Have a Zoom meeting with your friends

    Even though we are physically distancing, we can still be socially connected with the help of advanced technology. Even an introvert like me found the need to connect with friends and do some wellness check-ins, and I believe most of you feel the same! Time passes by really fast when you are spending it with your loved ones. 

  3. 3. Make yourself something good to eat! 

    Baking is the thing to do if you get bored at home because it takes lots of time! No matter whether it’s kneading the dough or whipping the cream, the process of baking is always therapeutic, meditating, and stress-relieving. It’s also a good way to gain a sense of achievement once you make something tasty!

I know we are undergoing drastic changes and sometimes can’t help but feel stressed out when our plans are changed by the uncontrollable, invisible virus. However, please remember that everyone is in this together and we’ll come back to campus soon even stronger than when we left!

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