How to Deal With Work & College Without Losing Yourself

Here at Boston University’s College of Communication, we don’t have a strict schedule for midterms. Each class has a different “testing” option. Some classes require a presentation, an essay, a group or a solo project, but usually not an actual exam. For me, this is a bit stressful because while other students know exactly when they’ll have their midterms, I don’t. Also, if you’re working, like me, balancing everything can get extra difficult. I have an exam in statistics next week, a Spanish composition due, and a final project presentation this week and I work on the weekends. Usually, I am super tired after work, so I have to make sure most of the work gets done during the week.

Here’s what helps me:

  1. 1. Find your perfect study space. 

    I absolutely hate studying in my room. I just can’t do it because I find it too distracting. I do, however, love studying in the library, especially the Pardee Library in Questrom on campus. It’s quiet for the most part, and very clean. I like to bring coffee or water and granola bars and gum with me so I won’t have to leave the library if I need a refresher. There are desks, chairs, and couches and if you’re super tired, you can take a quick 30-minute nap.

  2. 2. Know when you study your best. 

    I’m an early bird, so personally I’m most productive in the early morning to midday. After 6 pm I start to get tired, so I try to attend to my most difficult tasks in the morning. Know your mind’s schedule, since we all have times when we function best.

  3. 3. Always try to work out at least every other day. 

    Keep your body and mind moving! I would recommend at least a 15-minute run, but it is best to be consistent. Going off of that, do try to eat healthily! What you put into your body will become visible in your energy levels.

  4. 4. Take care of your skin!

    Don’t forget the power of a good skincare routine. While you’re doing it, take some time to reflect on your day.

  5. 5. Finally, do something for 15 minutes every day that you want to become better at.

    Want to speak more confidently? Want to read a book that is interesting to you? Want to learn how to edit better or edit your pictures of your study sessions? Doing something not related to school or work is so beneficial, because if you had a stressful day, at least you can go to bed with the thought of, “I worked on myself today.”

Amid midterms season, never forget to take a breather. It’s absolutely fine to stop and relax for 10 minutes as long as you get back to work soon after.  

Best of luck in all your exams this week. Remember,  Thanksgiving break is just two weeks away! 


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