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During the difficult times of COVID-19, along with being a college student, it is very easy to get stressed out or feel down. Here are some healthy ways to cope with stress:

Working Out

Working out might not be for everyone, but it can be very therapeutic. The two main types of workouts are cardio and non-cardio/weight training. Working out does not always have to be strenuous. Taking a nice walk outside counts!


When we are stressed, we try to do the little things that make us feel good. Self-care is different for everybody. It can be doing some type of skin care like a face mask. It could also be taking some quiet time to clear your thoughts. One of our personal favorite self-care activities is doing makeup because it is fun to do and allows us a break from what is stressing us out!

Go Outside

When you are overwhelmed with assignments and homework, it is easy to forget to take breaks. Going outside, either by yourself or with friends, allows you to get away from the desk and get some Vitamin D.

Do Something Creative

Doing something creative allows you to get your mind off of your stressors. This can range from painting to creating a vision board to coloring in a coloring book. The possibilities are endless!

Practice Positive Affirmations

First off, what are positive affirmations? Positive affirmations are “positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts,” according to Mindtools. The more you repeat them, the more your brain thinks about it and believes it. You can create your own positive affirmations that are specific to your goals or you can find some online that are more general. You can do this!

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"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"
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