How to Make the Most of the Second Half of Your Semester

Believe it or not, we are already halfway through the fall semester. Trust us, we know how fast the year is going by. We also understand that at the beginning of the semester we all have big plans for what we’re going to accomplish- we’re going to get A’s in all of our classes, join a ton of new clubs, not procrastinate, and become more involved with campus life. Yet before you know it, half of the semester has gone by and you’re sitting in your dorm re-watching Gossip Girl and barely passing Econ. Before you freak out over all the things you never got around to doing, remember that it’s never too late to get involved, or get the grades you want.

We know how hard it can be to study, stay organized, and prepare yourself for finals. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of your best resources for doing exactly that. When in need, check these out:

When it’s time to study:

Best Places to Study on Campus 

Things to Avoid During Exam Week 

Last Minute Studying Tips 

When you need to get organized:

Keeping Your Life Organized with Post-It Notes 

Staying Organized Using Planners 

When it’s finally exam time:

The Stages of Taking an Exam 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed:

Inspirational Quotes to Get you Through the Semester 

When you need a study break:

Local Bars to Get Your Bryant Buzz On At 

Breakfast Places Near Bryant 

Local Cafes You Need to Try 

Most importantly, we have everything you need to know about joining a new club. Do you enjoy writing or editing? Are you looking for a platform to discuss your ideas on fashion, friendship, boys, college, or just life in general? If so, you’re in luck because Her Campus Bryat is always looking for more writers. Any Bryant University student can join- you don’t have to submit a writing sample or application.

Even if writing isn’t your thing there is a place for you at Her Campus. If you like social media, marketing, or event planning then we have a job for you. We always need people to help come up with ideas for philanthropy events or marketing campaigns. Joining Her Campus is a great way to add to your resume, meet new people, and make friends. It’s especially helpful for women looking for a place where they belong on a campus dominated by men.

And as we said, it is never too late to join. We meet every Tuesday at 5:30 in the Fisher Student Center, room 2B. Can’t make the meetings? That’s fine! You can still write articles and receive updates on upcoming events. Just email us at [email protected] to submit an article, ask us a question, or be put on our emailing list.

Enjoy the rest of your semester, and we hope to see you at our meetings!