5 Best Places to Study on Campus

It feels like we just got to school, but somehow it’s already midterm time!? If you’re like us, you want to get ahead and start studying soon. At Bryant, there are so many studying spots that you might not know about. Here are five places where you can get your study on:

1. 3rd Floor of the Fisher Center

The third floor of Fisher is a great place to study because it isn’t as populated as the second floor. There are whiteboards at the tables, so you can draw on them to help you study. Plus, it’s a nice view when the sun is setting.

2. Library

Our library is a beautiful facility for us students. There are several study rooms and secluded tables between the bookshelves upstairs. If you prefer it to be completely quiet while you study, be sure to get a seat upstairs. There is also a little café on the first floor with tons of snacks (healthy and junk food).

3. Unistructure

At night and on the weekends, there are usually classrooms available for you to study in. On the weekends, the library does not open until 10am (Saturday) and 12pm (Sunday), so grab a classroom for the time being. It is a great place to do team projects and group studying because it can accommodate a lot of people.

4. PA building

This building is amazing…everything is new and clean. There are a few spots like the couches and comfy chairs you can study at, but the building is usually locked or requires key access. However, these communal areas may be available to non-PA students during certain hours.

5. Hall 17 study rooms

Hall 17 is known as the nicest hall, so of course that means they have the best areas to study in. There are several floors to choose from. Also, Ronzio’s is located on the first floor of Hall 17 if you want to get a quick study snack.