Being Single for Cuffing Season Isn't So Bad: Here's Why

We know, we know...

The idea of having someone to cuddle up with during the cold months seems like a heavenly idea.

But, you know what, for us single folk, we need to do whatever we can to remain positive during this dreaded time. Ignore the endless ice skating and cute wintery date Instagram posts and Snapchat stories – we are going to survive yet another cuffing season ALONE and we are going to THRIVE.

We’re talking a big game by claiming we will be thriving, but we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

So, stay with us as we slowly but surely make our way to the light at the end of the tunnel (springtime) and how we are going to be self-love gurus this cuffing season!

Although we may still – and may always be – snarky and envious when it comes to being during cuffing season, we’re going to turn it around...


For those living in dorms or who are living that Twin-XL bed life, we get the whole thing to ourselves!

Ahh, the fact that we don’t have to share our bed with a blanket hog, or just a large body who acts as a human heater is a wonderful thing. We get to skip the nights where we otherwise may be pressed up against our wall, sleeping in all these weird positions making our back and necks hurt the next day!


The next pro of being single is we get to save money!

Yup, that’s right. No overly expensive gifts for our guy this season! We get to keep that cash in our pocket – where it belongs (until our favorite boutique has their next major sale). Or, maybe we’ll spend a little extra on our parents, siblings, or friends! Whichever option you opt for, just know that your money is being well spent either way.


We also don’t have to face our significant other’s families this holiday season.

Catch us only answering awkward, intrusive questions that our OWN family asks us – we don’t have the answer them twice! Doesn’t being single during cuffing season sound better and better?!


Listen, we’re not saying that being single doesn’t have its downfalls, and yes, we feel a little lonely and left out sometimes – especially so if many of our friends are taken. For those who do have significant others, we hope you are happy and enjoy your holiday season, but, us singles deserve to be reminded as to how the single life isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things! Our special someone is coming and in due time, we’ll be those people posting the annoying Instagrams!


Remember: It’s always about the happiness factor, not the mere fact that you have someone to spend time with and get attention from. Never sacrifice your happiness just to be cuffed! This is our motto this cuffing season.





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